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Chelan FFA Update 12/5/2011
For over 30 years, the Chelan FFA has held their annual FFA Toy Drive to collect new and slightly used toys to children of all ages. Last year, roughly 3,000 toys were collected and distributed to 100’s of families all across NCW. As the Holiday Season draws near, the FFA would once again like to enlist the help of the community to provide these services. You can drop off unwrapped toys at the Chelan High School, or you can call (509) 682-4061 ext 1290 and talk to the FFA advisor, Rod Cool or the Chelan FFA Community Development Committee Chairman, Jake Struab,  or Officers in Charge Billy Poppie, Secretary, and Enrique Diaz, Reporter, to arrange for pick-ups. Appropriate family items, such as coats, clothing, toiletries, and other household goods, etc. can be donated as well. Any left over gift-wrap is always welcome as well. In addition, cash donations are accepted, as well.
Donations can be made at the Ruby Theater,  KOZI Studios, and at the High School Commons or Community Gym Foyer during any sporting or community event before winter break.  Please help the Chelan FFA to create Happy Holidays for all of the children of our area.