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Plant Management Meeting in Stehekin 11/18/2011
In response to the threats posed by non-native plants on park lands, the National Park Service has developed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for Plant Management. The assessment proposes to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control invasive, non-native plants, restore impacted areas, and detect and prevent new infestations in the North Cascades National Park Complex .

The National Park Service is hosting a meeting on Monday December 5th to gather public input on the Environmental Assessment for Invasive Non-native Plant Management.

The meeting will be held at the Golden West Visitor Center in Stehekin. It will get started at 7 PM and is expected to last a couple of hours.

About 225 non-native plant species exist within the park complex, 40 of which have been deemed invasive and are targeted for control. Some common treatment methods that would take place include hand-pulling, spot treatment with herbicides, and planting native plants to outcompete invasive plants.

Park Superintendent Chip Jenkins is hoping for a good turn out and invites all who are interested to attend. Again the meeting is set for 7 PM at the Golden West Visitor Center in Stehekin on Monday Dec. 5th.