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Public Document Request 10/28/2011
After breaking the news of the firing of Chelan Middle School teacher, K.C. Craven on Wednesday, KOZI News posted the letter of discharge sent to Craven by Chelan School Superintendent Manahan on our website,

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, Superintendent Manahan wanted to make it clear that the school district had not voluntarily distributed the letter but rather was simply complying with law…"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The official Notice of Probable Cause for Discharge was provided to KOZI News by a third party very familiar with the allegations outlined in the letter. The unnamed third part obtained the document through a Public Document Request to the Chelan School District.

We are very aware of the sensitivity of the subject matter at hand and are carefully considering what and when we share information. What you can count on is that KOZI will only release information that is confirmed by multiple reputable sources, well documented and verifiable. In this case we have been communicating with the School District, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and families for more than six months.

The discharge of an elementary school teacher in a community for allegations of sexual misconduct with students certainly meets the criteria of newsworthy information the community is entitled to know and KOZI is obligated to report the discharge in a timely manner.

KOZI News currently has a pending public document request on file with the Lake Chelan School District which covers the discharge letter in addition to several other documents we feel are pertinent to the misconduct allegations that the public should be made aware of as soon as legally possible.

We have made efforts to contact the accused party without success. KOZI News would welcome any additional facts the school, the accused or the public has to share. Please feel free to contact our news department at 682-4033.

Brewster School Board meets the fourth Monday of each month, making their next meeting Monday, November 28th.