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Teacher Misconduct 10/26/2011
A nearly six month investigation by the Lake Chelan School District into allegations of teacher misconduct has led to the firing of a fourth grade teacher from Morgan Owings Elementary School.

Kozi News has obtained a copy of a letter sent, via certified mail, to elementary teacher K.C. Craven citing probable cause for “discharge from employment with Lake Chelan School District.”

Since Craven was placed on paid administrative leave in April, rumors have swirled throughout the community alluding to inappropriate sexual behavior with a student, or students, by an unknown elementary teacher.

A letter from Lake Chelan School Superintendent, Robert Manahan, addressed to K.C. Craven, does nothing to dispel those rumors.

Quoting from the letter, dated October 13th, 2011, specific allegations against Craven include but are not limited to:

“Engaging in inappropriate sexual advances and other sexual behavior with and towards students including a male Fourth Grade student and other students;”

“Providing alcohol to students and/or non-student minors and/or allowing students and/or non-student minors to drink alcohol at your home;”

“Engaging in boundary invasion behaviors with students, including but not limited to inappropriately touching students, inappropriately touching students, inappropriately commenting on students’ bodies, talking with students about sexuality and sexual matters”

Superintendent Manahan states in the letter;

“Based on my careful and deliberate review of the investigation, including the information gathered in the meeting with you, I find that that you indeed engaged in the misconduct described to you in the meeting and as described above.”

According to our sources, Craven has exercised his right to appeal the action by the Lake Chelan School District which sets into motion rather lengthy and complex due rights proceedings.

Additionally Kozi News has confirmed that a parallel, yet separate, criminal investigation has been conducted by the Chelan County Sheriffs Office. Our sources state that the criminal investigation remains open but no criminal charges are pending at this time.

Stay tuned to Kozi as we bring you daily updates on this story and others. Tomorrow we will have more from the “Notice of Probable Cause for Discharge” sent to Chelan school teacher, K.C. Craven.