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Kelley Iron Works Fire 10/25/2011
Here is the latest information from last nights devastating fire at the Kelley Iron Works Complex in Chelan.

The first call came into Rivercom Dispatch just after 7:30 pm reporting a structure fire at Kelly Iron Works on Chelan Falls Road. The first firefighters on the scene from Chelan Fire and Rescue immediately called in a second alarm requesting assistance from neighboring Fire Districts including Manson, Chelan County, Douglas County and Okanogan County. Shortly after 8 PM a third alarm was sounded, bringing it yet additional firefighting assistance from around the region.

Jim and Lynn Irwin, who live in Sun Cove near Orondo, were witnesses to the spectacular blaze as one of the first on the scene. Lynn Irwin captured amazing video of the fire which we have posted on for you to see along with multiple photos of last night's fire. Here is Jim Irwin's account of what he and his wife witnessed last night as they returned home from shopping in Chelan..."CLICK HERE" for Audio

The Kelley Complex is home to several businesses including Kelley Iron Works, Chelan Station Re-Runs, A Hot Rod Restoration Shop, a satellite wine processing facility for Vin du Lac Winery and also storage for boats, RV's and collector automobiles.

We spoke by telephone last night with owner of Kelley Iron Works, Ray Nelson, as the firefight was still at its peak. Ray confirmed that the fire was indeed centered in the Kelley Iron Works region of the complex and the business appeared to be complete loss. Neslon said a firewall to the south of the business may have spared the Chelan Station Re-Run from total loss but the extent of smoke and water damage to adjoining businesses has not been assessed at this time. The Chelan Station Re-Run business is a second hand store owned and operated by the Chelan  Senior Center to fund senior services.
Ironically, Dan Quigley with (dee vo sho) Devotio Media Studios,  was filming a volunteer firefighter recruitment video at the Chelan Fire Station when the first call came in reporting the fire. Quigley didn't hesitate to follow the firefighters to the fire.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Dan Quigley's eye witness account, which will likely be included in a future volunteer firefighter recruitment video, is available on our website, as well as countless other photos and videos we collected from last evenings fire at Kelley Iron Works.
It is too early to speculate on what may have caused the fire, we hope to have Fire Chief Tim Lemon in to discuss last nights fire.