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Speed Limit 10/20/2011
Washington State Department of Transportation representatives hosted a community meeting in Manson Tuesday evening to address concerns regarding congestion, pedestrian safety and the speed limit on SR 150 between Chelan and Manson.

Jennene Ring, Regional Traffic and Maintenance Director for the DOT, told those in attendance that earlier complaints had triggered a speed study along the route with somewhat surprising results…"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Ring presented studies and options to the approximately 25 in attendance and gathered information and ideas to take back to the engineers.

Although the speed limit was the main focus of conversation, the intersection at Wapato Lake Road near Mill Bay Casino, was also a source of contention. Recent expansion of the Casino and the addition of the Amphitheater has greatly increased traffic in the area. The busy intersection now yields the greatest number of accidents along Highway 150 and is prompting DOT to take a second look. DOT officials have previously admitted there may be design issues with the intersection.

At the end of the hour long presentation, a show of hands overwhelmingly supported leaving the speed limit as is.

An exchange between Manson resident, Dale England and DOT  Representative Jennene Ring nearly sums it all up.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Ring told those in attendance that another speed study will be conducted this month, and the DOT will move forward in posting Bicycle signs along Rocky Point. In addition, the DOT will look at potential modifications for the Wapato Lake Road intersection.