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Chelan Council 10/17/2011
The Chelan City Council voted last Thursday to move forward on a $1.5 million plan to buy the Chelan Masonic Temple and renovate it to house the city’s public library.

The city has been looking for options to expand the current library for about three years and last weeks action by the council provides direction for staff and elected officials to move forward. Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde says the next step is to negotiate a final purchase price for the building and then find funding for the purchase…."CLICK HERE" for Audio

In agreements with the North Central Regional Library System, cities provide the building, and the library system pays for the books and employees.
In other council action, the city acted on couple of downtown improvement projects, including rejecting the Safeway corner beautification proposal…..

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The Council did however approve funding for implementing the downtown master plan which was adopted by council last year. City Planning Director, Craig Gildroy said the funding will allow for the purchase of updated benches, garbage cans and bike racks.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The council also voted to extend the city’s agreement for legal service with the Davis Arneil Law Firm which included a slight increase in the hourly rate.

The Chelan City Council meets twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday with the next meeting set for 6 PM October 27 at Chelan City Hall on Johnson Avenue.