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Bridgeport Mayor 10/12/2011
Among other contested races in Bridgeport is the Mayor position. Bill Zweigle is the current mayor, and is running for another term. Marilynn Lynn is challenging him in that role and a public forum is planned for Thursday, October 13.

KOZI will hear from challenger Marilynn Lynn today, and Incumbant Bill Zweigle tomorrow as they gear up to answer questions posed by the public.

Lynn, who has lived in Bridgeport for about 30 years, tells us a little about why she chose to run for mayor and what she will bring to this position."CLICK HERE" for Audio

That was Marilynn Lynne, who is the challenger in the Bridgeport Mayor race. Lynn adds that she hopes the public attends and participates in the upcoming forum, and shares some insight into what she hopes
will come from that meeting.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The forum will take place at 7 PM on Thursday, October 13 at Nels Diner in Bridgeport.

Tune in tomorrow when we will hear from Bill Zweigle, who is running for another term as Mayor for Bridgeport.