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Law Enforcement Contract 9/26/2011
Chelan City Council agreed to sign a counter offer contract for law enforcement with the Chelan County Commissioners at last Thursday’s council meeting.

Just a few weeks ago, Chelan County Commissioners sent a signed contract to the City of Chelan. The contract came with a price tag of roughly 350 thousand dollars more through the year 2013 than the original contract.

With just five days remaining on the current contract, city officials are now hoping County Commissioners will sign their counter offer. This proposal will drop the number of deputies from seven to five plus one supervisor and cost the city about 270 thousand dollars more through the year 2013 than the original contract.

With the City of Chelan’s offer, the cost of a school resource officer would be split three ways with the city paying one third, the Chelan school District paying one third and the county absorbing the last third.

And although it was agreed on in the end, it wasn’t without discussion and concern. Councilmember Mike Cooney expressed his concerns and distaste during last week’s meeting for the negotiation situation the City is being put into."CLICK HERE" for Audio

And County Commissioner Doug England was quick to respond to Cooney’s comments, explaining why the commissioners opted out of the original contract.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Chelan City Council members will now send their proposal to the Commissioners and hope for their approval and signature.

Stay tuned to KOZI for additional details as they unfold.