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Riggen Interview 9/22/2011
As KOZI spends September honoring the first responders here in our valley, Brewster native Jarrod Riggen takes time to remember those events on September 11, 2001.

Riggen had worked his way up to the big leagues after a start at a community college here in Washington State and recalls when he realized he could make it as a baseball player, and his journey into the Major League."CLICK HERE" for Audio

While playing for the Mets, Riggen experienced the first hand turmoil after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and remembers that on this day, September 22, 10 years ago, he was visiting survivors in the hospital.

He remembers handing out food to displaced families, and the lost look on the faces of those still missing family members. Riggen says what he remembers most is the weeks and days after the attacks.  For months people were searching, and remained in the hospital.

Riggen shares with us his memory of hearing about the attacks and the weeks and months afterwards.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

If you have a local first responder you would like to nominate for KOZI’s giveaway in honor of September 11, you can email them to or call 682-4033. We would love to hear your story and honor your first responder.