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Police Seek Serial Business Burglar 9/19/2011
During the overnight hours of September 12th to 13th an unknown person broke into three Wenatchee businesses, Buddy La Fleur’s Quick Dining, Wenatchee Natural Foods and Shear Magic. In all three cases cash or cash registers were taken. The suspect cut himself during one of these burglaries, leaving blood evidence behind that was collected by law enforcement officers.

Around 10:30 to 11 PM on September 14th The Windmill Restaurant in Wenatchee, as well as neighboring business J&C Coins, was also broken into. The suspect again cut himself, leaving blood evidence for law enforcement officers to find. In both burglaries currency was taken. A .38 caliber revolver was also taken from one of the businesses.

Video surveillance photos of the suspect were obtained from The Windmill Restaurant’s security system and are attached. The suspect is a white male with a medium build, probably in his 20’s, wearing a t-shirt with a wolf face on it, jeans, hiking boots and a Seattle Mariner’s baseball cap. He should be considered armed and dangerous. He possibly sustained cuts on a finger and on his left hand during these burglaries.

If anyone has any information on who this suspect is please contact the Wenatchee Police Department through RiverCom Dispatch (Tel. 663-99110 and relay it to the on-duty supervisor). Starting Monday, September 19th, the primary investigator for this case will be Detective Jeff Ward (Tel. 888-4256).

Media POC - Detective Sergeant John Kruse-Wenatchee Police Department -Tel. 509-888-4251/ Email: