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Manson “Options” Program 7/25/2011
Manson School District is moving forward with plans of opening a multi-age instructional program in time for the 2011-12 school year. The District will be hiring teachers for primary (K-1), intermediate (2-5) and middle school classrooms. Classrooms will be housed in both Manson schools and be a part of the Manson School District. No tuition or cost to families is required as students in the program will generate funding from the state.

For students not currently enrolled in the Manson School District it is not too late to register but time is running out. Families have until this Friday July 29th 4:00PM to submit application materials. Enrolment forms may be obtained at the Manson School District Office. You can also download forms from the district website or by calling 687-3140.

A mandatory informational meeting will be held at 6:30PM on August 18th at Manson Elementary School for all parents interested in having their student(s) enrol in the program. If parents are unable to attend but still wish to have their student considered for the program they need to call the District Office at 687-3140 prior to the meeting.