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Local Karate Club Holding Lunch Fundraiser 7/21/2011
The local Lake Chelan Shotokan Karate Club is holding a fundraiser as they try to pay their way to a karate tournament in Grants Pass, Oregon. Baked potatoes are on the menu, delivered directly to your local business.

Monday, members of the team will be dropping by businesses with order forms which will be picked up Wednesday. Then, they’ll be taking care of your Friday lunch—including the potato, a side, and dessert item, all for $5.

13 year old club member Chris Weathersby explains how you can help the club out and eat a good meal even if you don’t spend your days at a local business."CLICK HERE" for Audio

12 other youth club members and a handful of adults will accompany Chris to the karate tournament.  The club needs to raise $500 for their competition, and it definitely seems to be a worthy cause.  The karate competitors learn important life skills through their training, such as discipline and respect.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

To make sure your business gets its order form or to find out what business you can order your baked potato meal from, call the Lake Chelan Fitness Center at 662-8481.