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Cowell Murder Update 7/13/2011
Former Manson resident, 23 year old Tessa Schuyleman, who was named but never charged as an accessory to the Mackenzie Cowell murder… will ask for police to return her impounded car.

With no charges against her in the murder investigation, Schuyleman’s attorney Nicholas Yedinak filed a request July 5 for police to return the car. The vehicle was seized in October 2010 and remains held though no evidence was found to connect the Subaru to the death of Cowell.

A hearing to argue the motion is scheduled for today in Chelan County Superior Court.

Schuyleman,was arrested in December 2010 on suspicion of obstructing the police probe into the 17-year-old Cowell’s February 2010 killing. She is allegedly a former girlfriend of Christopher Wilson who was charged with Cowell’s murder in October 2010. Evidence said to link him to the killing includes a piece of duct tape found near Cowell’s body with her DNA plus DNA matching Wilson’s paternal type; and a stain of blood found in the carpet of Wilson’s Wenatchee apartment believed to be Cowell’s.

Court filings by Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen claim Wilson murdered Cowell, a coworker at Wenatchee’s Academy of Hair Design, to fulfill a “fixation with death and particularly death by homicidal means.”

Although she’s never faced charges in the Cowell case, Tessa Schuyleman was arrested on separate Grant County misdemeanor charges, accused of concealing a former boyfriend from Department of Corrections probation officers. She was found guilty in March of giving a false statement and obstructing a public servant; she has appealed the verdict.