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Wildfire Season Has Arrived 7/12/2011
Wildfire season has officially descended upon North Central Washington. Last Thursday firefighters extinguished a 3/4 acre fire up Anderson Canyon near Peshastin. On Friday DNR fire officials elevated the fire danger rating in Okanogan County from low to moderate, then yesterday firefighters contained a 200-acre wildfire near Soap Lake.

Firefighters from Grant County Fire Districts 5, 7 and 13 were dispatched to a wildfire in rangeland about three miles southeast of Soap Lake at around 5:15 p.m. yesterday. The fire was ruled contained after about a four hour fire fight. The fire burned in sagebrush and grass with no homes neither damaged nor threatened. Investigators say the cause was a campfire which got out of hand. The investigators are in contact with the people who started the campfire. Firefighters are mopping up hot spots and will remain on the scene throughout the night.

Fire District 5 Chief Scott Clendenin expressed his gratitude for the help from all 36 firefighters who fought the blaze. A total of 21 fire apparatus were dispatched to knock down the stubborn fire.

Fire officials remind the public to remain extra-cautious in the wildland. Dry grass and sagebrush ignite quickly and fire spreads rapidly this time of year in the Columbia Basin. The risk of dry lightning and wind also increase the risk of wildfire.