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Fourth Wolf Pack Documented 7/6/2011
State wildlife officials have documented Washington's fourth wolf pack, the Teanaway Pack of Kittitas County.

DNA tests of an adult female wolf caught and radio collared last month confirmed the animal is a wild gray wolf. The wolf was lactating, indicating she was nursing pups. Biologists are monitoring the wolf's activity through the tracking collar.

Before the Teanaway Pack, there were an estimated 25 resident wolves in Washington.

Gray wolves are making a comeback in Washington decades after being trapped and hunted to near extinction. Gray wolves are protected as endangered species throughout Washington state. The animal is also federally protected in the western two-thirds of the state.

The state's other packs include the Lookout Pack in Okanogan County, which has recently been nearly decimated by illegal poaching, and the Salmo and Diamond Packs in Pend Oreille County.