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Missing Omak Woman Found Dead 6/29/2011
As we were first to report yesterday, a volunteer highway litter cleanup crew discovered the body of a missing Omak woman Sunday morning below the Odabashian Bridge in Wenatchee.

Lieutenant Maria Agnew with the Chelan County Sheriff's office says the body was identified as 41 year old Lisa Palmer. Agnew says there did not appear to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding Ms. Palmer's death.

Agnew says Palmer was reported missing from the Omak home by her father, on June 22nd. She was last seen in Wenatchee that day after seeing her doctor.

Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris reports the investigation is still pending concerning the cause of death.

A Kozi listener who first discovered the body told us he spotted the female body just after 8 am Sunday while volunteering for litter clean up with the Dialysis Center of Central Washington Hospital. He reported seeing the body looking down from the bridge and assumed the woman may have jumped or been pushed off the bridge. His estimation was that the body had been there for several days.

No mention of the discovery was released by the Sheriffs office or Coroners Office until after Kozi contacted them with questions about the body.