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Venom Vacation 6/22/2011
In a move that could have only surprised the least cognitive sports fan, the Wenatchee Valley Venom announced yesterday the team will sit out the 2012 Indoor Football League season to restructure their organization.

It's not the first time a team has suspended operations for a season in the IFL. This year five franchises sat out the year with the intention of returning next season. We don’t know how many if any will actually return to action next season but those that do won’t see the Venom on the field.

The Venom have suffered from low ticket sales since their debut season in 2010, when they finished 8-6 in the American Indoor Football Association. Though they moved to the more stable IFL for the 2011 season, the team posted a 3-11 record and continued to have issues drawing fans.

The Venom’s departure from the Wenatchee sports scene means one more hole in the frayed fabric of the Town Toyota Center cloak of existence; the event center can ill afford the loss of another tenant.

TTC General Manager Mark Miller said the arena is supportive of the Venom’s decision but then what else could he say.

The official press release from the Venom states, “The team will continue to maintain a website and phone line that the public can contact.”

Local sports fans are asking… why? You threw in the towel at least one year too late.

Go Rams.