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Mutiny at Sea "The Wizard Goes Down" 6/17/2011
Reality TV personality gets a dose of “Reality” while on a promotional tour in North Central Washington. Captain Keith Colburn from the popular “Deadliest Catch” television series may have conquered the Bering Sea but he got swept away navigating the waters of Lake Chelan.

Capatain Colburn and his brother Monte have been touring the Northwest giving fans a chance to enter a contest to be a “Greenhorn For A Day” on the crab boat the “F/V Wizard”. The promotional tour is being sponsored by a Northwest Beer Brewer.

Captain Keith who describes himself as a “militaristic hard-ass” may end up being the “Greenhorn”. Last Tuesday, after a day of serious beer promotion the Captain found himself in a notorious downtown Lake Chelan refreshment establishment at 2 a.m. after a mutiny by his crew.

A friendly disagreement spilled out into the streets of Chelan culminating in what witness’s describe as a “one punch knock-out” with the Captain of the Wizard seeing stars. Chelan Fire and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services were dispatched to treat what was described as a “Traumatic Injury”.

The following day before setting sail back to his home port of Seattle, the Captain made claims that he was “sucker punched”. Witness’s say it was the “sucker who got punched”.

Old salts have long known that when navigating un-charted waters it’s best to keep your crew close and the lifeboats ready. Thanks for the visit Captain