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Write-in Candidacy 6/14/2011
Now that the political dust is starting to settle from last Friday’s flurry of last minute candidate filings, we now have a much clearer picture of what ballots may look like this summer and fall in NCW.

Where there are three or more candidates vying for a position, the choices will be pared down to the top two vote gatherers in the August 16th primary election. That would include the Mayors race in Wenatchee, Council Position #1 in Chelan as well as contested council seats in Brewster and Bridgeport.

Barring any candidate eligibility rulings the table should be set for voters to decide the ultimate victors in the General Election on November 2nd.

However as we mentioned yesterday there is still one last avenue to elected office if candidates are willing to go against the odds… a declaration of write-in candidacy. It’s rarely successful but it does happen.

Last December U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska became the first federal senator to win with write-in ballots since Strom Thurmond’s victory in South Carolina in 1954. It’s a little more common in regional and local elections but it’s still a long shot.

The write-in candidate process is clearly defined by Washington State Law and there is little to keep interested candidates from trying it outside of the long odds of success. In fact there are some advantages to a write-in candidacy over the more traditional candidacy declaration.

The rules for write-in declaration of candidacy are available on the Chelan County Auditor Website.