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Not The List You Want To Be On 6/8/2011
Two local lawmakers, Sen. Linda Evans Parlette and Rep. Cary Condotta, are on the top 10 list of state senators and representatives who missed the most votes in this year’s legislative session, however you would have to a bit heartless not to excuse the their absence.

Parlette missed 65 of 648 votes in the state Senate this session when she came home to Chelan in April to be by her father’s side while he passed away.

“I am proud to have missed them. I have peace of mind because of the choices I made,” Parlette said “It was just the right thing to do.”

Rep. Cary Condotta said the bulk of votes he missed were on a Monday, when he was blocked by a snowstorm that closed Snoqualmie Pass. He said he waited in traffic for a few hours, then drove over Stevens Pass, but missed the full day by the time he reached Olympia.

Condotta said the morning session was packed with votes in what’s called a “consent calendar,” when a number of bills that are passed by unanimous vote. He estimated that he missed between 35 and 40 votes that day.

He said the rest of his missed votes were due to his work on the worker’s compensation issue as the ranking Republican on the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee.

“Without it, we couldn’t pass the budget, and we were down to the final days, so we just worked around the clock,” said Condotta.