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Cooney Not Running For Mayor 6/2/2011
The list of candidates for the Chelan Mayor Position just got a little shorter. In an email sent late last evening Chelan City Council Member Mike Cooney announced he will not be a candidate in this years mayors race.. but he will be seeking re-election to the city council. In the email Cooney stated…..

After considerable thought, I have decided not to run for mayor of Chelan and intend on running for Council again.

It was a tough decision but it came down to doing what I feel is best for my family and business. The time that I felt necessary to do the job right, is significant and I did not want to compromise my commitment to family, business or to the citizens of Chelan. Additionally, I believe our current mayor is doing a good job and I enjoy being involved at the Council level.

I appreciate the words of encouragement and strong support that I received in my “research” period. I will attempt to continue doing my very best for the community via the Council.

Mike Cooney

The announcement, while not a complete surprise, does represent a change of direction for Cooney who earlier had expressed a strong interest in the Mayor’s position and had stated that he was definitely not going to be seeking re-election to city council.

Mayor Bob Goedde has made it clear that he will be seeking re-election to the position. If elected to a second term, Goedde would be the first Chelan Mayor to serve consecutive elected terms.

This falls election, a rare occurrence where five council positions and the Mayors seat will be determined by voters, could mean a sweeping change in city government.

City Council seats currently held by Cooney, Erin McCardle, Stan Morse, George Lingard and Wendy Isenhart are all up for grabs this year. Councilmember Morse has announced he will not be seeking re-election to city council but will instead be seeking a position on the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Board of Directors.

Candidates can file for positions online now or in person starting next Monday June 6th. No matter how you file, it wraps up on Friday June 10th. The Primary Election is scheduled for August 16th and November’s General Election will be held on the 8th.