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Lake Level Rising Rapidly 5/23/2011
Recent rain and increased snow melt is good news for boat users and Lake Chelan receptionists. The Lake Chelan water level is now rising which will make public docks more accessible in coming weeks.

The Chelan County Public Utility District website states the elevation of Lake Chelan over Memorial Day weekend is expected to be somewhere between 1,088’ and 1,092’ above sea level, or perhaps even higher, depending on weather.

For the Lake Chelan Boat Company, this runoff was just what was needed to allow the Lady of the Lake II to resume operations. The Lady II is now in full operation and making daily scheduled stops including requested “flag” stops at Prince Creek and Moore Point.

All boaters should be aware that log debris is common on the lake in the spring and even more so now due to the heavy rain storms last weekend.

The rising creeks have caused some trail damage along the Lakeshore Trail. A section of the Lakeshore Trail washed out in the Meadow Creek drainage. Experienced hikers can still get through this area by hiking down close to the lake, crossing the creek and hiking back up to the trail.

For the most current trail information please call the Chelan Ranger District at 509-682-4900.