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Fish Kill Cancels Mothers Day Fishing Party 5/9/2011
The Kids Fishing Party at the Chelan Municipal Golf Course was abruptly canceled Sunday morning when many of the fish mysteriously displayed symptoms of stress and began dying off.

The Clark/Kearney Memorial Kid's Fishing Party usually entertains hundreds of participants but instead eager kids and their families were met Sunday morning by Al Brooks and members of the Lake Chelan Sportsman Association letting them know that the event had been canceled.

The reason for the cancellation was apparent to all who showed up on Sunday, the usually vibrant irrigation pond at the Chelan Golf Course was instead a pool of dying or dead fish.

Al Brooks, a chief organizer of the event and member of the Lake Chelan Sportsman Association, told Kozi that everything looked normal on Friday morning when organizers stocked the pond with about 300 fish for the event. Brooks said when he checked the pond on Saturday all appeared fine as well, however he received a call early Sunday morning from golf course staff alerting him to the problem.

Al Brooks and other members of the Sportsman Association stoically remained at the golf course throughout the day on Sunday to inform surprised and disappointed families of the unfortunate cancellation.

Brooks told Kozi that they have a pretty good idea what may have caused the fish to die but are awaiting more information before announcing the exact cause. Brooks did say the event will continue in the future but most likely at a different time of the year to ensure a better survival rate for the fish.

The decision to cancel the event was especially difficult for the Lake Chelan Sportsman Association organization that provides funding/education for fishery enhancement, youth fishing programs, and fishery/wildlife scholarship awards.