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Sandy Sylvester Appointed Interim CEO 4/29/2011
At Monday’s board meeting, Okanogan Douglas Hospital Board Chair Larry Higbee announced the board has appointed Sandy Sylvester to serve as interim CEo.

She replaces Dale Polla as CEO, who resigned last month in the midst of a financial crisis. The hospital is planning staffing reductions along with several other cost cutting actions to keep the hospital operating.

The hospital cut the equivalent of 14 employees last year, but remains dependent on interest-bearing warrants issued by the Okanogan County Treasurer’s Office. Earlier this year, County Treasurer Leah McCormack asked the hospital to reduce its warrant use, hospital officials have set a target of June this year to make reductions.

At Mondays meeting the board learned that a new contract with Quorum Health Resources had not been executed as they believed. The reduced contract, meant to save the hospital $125,000 through June 2012, had been set to take effect April 1. Copies of the contract were distributed to each board member so it can be signed at the next meeting.

The board also changed the meeting dates and times to the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 4 p.m. starting next month.