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Swinford Claims Self Defense 4/21/2011
Former Chelan resident, Steven Swinford, is scheduled to be tried on murder charges later this summer in the death of Paul Rainey. According to documents recently filed in the case, Swinford will tell the court he acted to protect himself when he shot his longtime friend to death.

Swinford’s court-appointed attorney Jeremy Ford, entered a motion April 13 seeking $3,000 in public funds to hire forensic analyst, Raymond Grimsbo of Portland, Ore. to examine a firearm found next to the victim.

In the motion, Ford wrote that he would pursue a self-defense claim, and the hiring of Grimsbo was “essential to the defense of Mr. Swinford.”

Swinford is accused of firing multiple shots from a .45-caliber handgun at Raney as he was sitting in an armchair at the house Swinford shared with two roommates in Manson.

A witness told Chelan County sheriff’s deputies the two quarreled over the use of an iPod docking station just before the shooting. There were several firearms in the living room where the argument took place, according to deputies’ reports, including a .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol within reach of Raney’s chair.

Swinford himself called 911 to report the shooting and has been in the Chelan County Regional Justice Center since his arrest.