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Bridgeport Burglary Arrests 4/20/2011
Two suspects were arrested Saturday in connection with a pair of burglaries in Bridgeport. Arrested was, 20 year old Marco Torres-Gomez of Bridgeport and a 16 year old juvenile male. The burglaries occurred on April 5th.

The victim was a Bridgeport resident who teaches and coaches at the Bridgeport School. Stolen items included a shotgun, 42” TV, video games, clothing, and baseball cards valued at almost $6,000 dollars. Also taken in the home burglary was a set of keys to the school.

That evening Bridgeport School was entered using the victim’s keys. Surveillance cameras show two intruders inside the school. They stole computers, cameras, cash and food. The total loss is estimated at over $3,200.

Deputies received information from citizens regarding the suspect’s identities. When interviewed the suspects gave conflicting and false information. The Deputies collected enough information to arrest the two suspects. Upon arrest, the juvenile was found to be in possession of a stolen thumb drive from the school.

The adult was booked in the Chelan County Jail for Possession of Stolen Property 2nd degree and Trafficking Stolen Property 1st degree. The juvenile was booked into Chelan County Juvenile Detention for Burglary 1st degree, Theft 1st degree, Theft of a Firearm, Trafficking Stolen Property 1st degree, and Possession of Stolen Property.