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Wilson Murder Charge Now 1st Degree 4/14/2011
Christopher Scott Wilson now faces a charge of first-degree murder in the 2010 killing of Mackenzie Cowell.

Wilson has been held since last October on a charge of second-degree murder, accusing him of killing 17-year-old Cowell in his Wenatchee apartment in February 2010.

Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen introduced the amended charge Tuesday, saying he believes the evidence shows Wilson murdered Cowell in a premeditated fashion.

A supporting memo filed in the case points to the various injuries inflicted on Cowell in the course of her death.

The hairstyling student and Wenatchee High School senior suffered a blow to the head, which caused bleeding in the brain; manual strangulation, apparently caused by her mouth and nose being obstructed; and a stab wound to the lower right area of her neck, which penetrated four inches.


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