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Studded Tire Removal Deadline 4/18/2011
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) extended the studded-tire season through the end of the day Thursday, because forecasts call for possible winter driving conditions across the mountain passes and in the state's higher elevations.

WSDOT officials remain concerned about safety and roadway damage caused by studded tires. Research on studded tires consistently shows vehicles equipped with studded tires require a longer stopping distance than vehicles with normal tires when snow isn't a factor.

While in the lowlands, travelers can expect more spring-like weather and those who aren't traveling over the mountain passes should remove studded tires now.

Studded tires are legal in Washington Nov. 1-March 31, unless WSDOT grants an extension. This marks the third extension this year, WSDOT officials don't anticipate any further extensions beyond April 25.

Drivers who don't follow Washington's rules of the road risk a visit from law enforcement. If you get caught driving with studded tires on your vehicle after midnight on Thursday, the fine is $124.


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