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SR150 Daytime Closures End Soon 4/13/2011
Motorists have just a few days left to deal with the full daytime closures of the Manson Highway. The original schedule for the Rocky Point Slope Stabilization Project called for daytime closures of the Chelan-Manson Highway to come to an end this past weekend.

Instead, DOT officials extended the closures for all of this week. The current plan is to close SR 150 Monday April 11th through Saturday April 16th from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Saturday with one-half hour openings at 10 AM, Noon, and 2 PM. The good news is the additional week of closures should keep the project on track to be completed prior to Memorial Day weekend.

A spokesman for the DOT explained the on site crane will not reach the highest point of the project. Workers will instead need to use ropes and harnesses to descend from the top to complete drilling and rock bolting for installation of the rock retention netting.

The same miscalculation of height versus reach led to a similar schedule overrun on the 97A Slope Project near Rocky Reach Dam last year. That project eventually wrapped up almost nine months late.

When the closures on SR150 are completed, scheduled for this Saturday April 16th, the remainder of the project will be completed with one-lane flaggers controlled traffic Monday through Saturday. The project is scheduled to be complete May 12th. If the project does go beyond this date,work will be halted May 13th and 14th to accommodate Manson Apple Blossom crowds.