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State House Budget Unveiled 4/5/2011
In news from Olympia, State officials say $37 billion is needed to meet the state's responsibilities and payments for the 2011-2013 cycle, but the revenue forecast for that time frame is only $32 billion. Budget writers are reshaping their budget to adjust to the $5 billion gap.

The House of Representatives unveiled their proposal for the next two-year state operating budget yesterday.

Now the Senate can put the finishing touches on their proposal, then the real negotiations begin.

The House and the Senate must agree upon and eventually pass a final version of the budget to present to Governor Gregiore. The Governor released her recommended budget in December and has the final authority to either sign the budget presented by the House and Senate or refuse to sign and send it back for more work. Representative Armstrong said that could keep Legislators in Olympia beyond Easter Sunday, April 24th.

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