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Be Aware of Hungry Bears 3/29/2011
If you live in bear country, its time to put away the bird feeders, secure your garbage cans and move the pet food indoors. Hungry bears are coming out of hibernation and that means problems for people who live and camp in the outlying areas of Chelan and Okanogan Counties where encounters with humans are becoming more commonplace.

A bear specialist with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Rich Beausoleil (boh-suh-LAY), says it could be a very active year for bears.

How can you protect your family? Beausoleil says the ultimate driving force for the bears is hunger after a long winter of hibernation, so remember what he calls the “big three”: bird feeders, garbage cans and pet food.

Rich Beausoleil says it could be a very active year for bears...

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