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Four Finalist's picked for Port Executive Director's Position 3/9/2011
Douglas County Port Commissioners have selected four finalists for the vacant Port Executive Director’s position. The four candidates picked for final interviews are Jeff Bishop, a port director from Coos Bay, Oregon; Lisa Parks, who works as a private consultant for Wenatchee-based Alliance Consultants; Marc Thornsbury, Director for the Port of Klickitat County; and former Chelan County PUD executive manager, Joe Jarvis of Wenatchee. Douglas Port Commission Chairman, Mark Spurgeon says interviews of the final candidates will be conducted March 15th. He says a new manager should be in place by the end of the month.

Nick Brunner is one of several homeowners competing for prizes in the Chelan County PUD’s Reduce Your Use Contest, and is learning first-hand how he can save a lot of money by making his home more energy efficient.

Brunner’s home, which was built in 1912, is the oldest structure competing in the contest. The two-story homesteader farmhouse has been upgraded over the last couple of months and Brunner has been impressed with the results so far: "CLICK HERE" for Audio

Brunner describes the improvements completed thus far . .



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Brunner says he’s spent about 35-hundred dollars on the project but he expects it’ll pay for itself over time.

The PUD will announce the winner of the Reduce Your Use Contest at the end of this month.