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Jenny Montes 3/1/2011
Manson eighth grader Jenny Montes lost her valiant and courageous battle with Leukemia and died at Seattle's Children's Hospital yesterday morning, and battle Jenny had been waging for about three years.

Yesterday, Matt Charlton, Superintendent of Schools in Manson issued the following letter to parents.

Today, the Manson School community suffered the loss of one of its students. Jenny Montes, an eighth grade student and long time resident, lost her three-year battle with Leukemia. Her tragic death will be greatly felt by all of us in the valley.

We want to express our condolences to Jenny's family during this time. Their strength and love for Jenny throughout her illness has served as a remarkable model for all of us. Both schools are prepared to assist students and staff in grieving for Jenny. We have additional support in place and stand ready to assist students, staff members and the Montes family.

The school district respectfully requests any media inquiries or visits to our campus be directed through the Manson School District Administrative office or by calling 687-3140.

Matt Charlton, Superintendent Manson School District

No service arrangements have been announced as yet.