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Expected March Trial in Cowell Murder Delayed 2/17/2011
An expected March trial date in the murder of Mackenzie Cowell has delayed until May 31, with Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges denying the defendant any change in bail."CLICK HERE" for Audio
Superior Court Judge John Bridges turned down a defense request to allow Wilson to post a bond toward release from jail, rather than pay cash. Chelan County Prosecutor Gary Riesen argued Wilson’s release from custody would pose a threat to the community, based on the facts in Cowell’s murder. Wilson’s attorney, public defender Keith Howard, said yesterday that Wilson’s bail may have been improperly set and a surety bond option — in which a bonding agent puts up a guarantee to meet bail requirements — should have been allowed. Howard pointed to the recent second-degree murder charge against Steven Swinford, accused of shooting Paul Raney to death Jan. 28 in Manson. Swinford’s bail requirements allowed bonding, although he too remains in jail. Prosecutor Riesen said, “We would request if there is any change, that the court would hold Mr. Wilson without bail”. He cited a state constitutional amendment, passed in November, that allows judges to deny bail when they deem the public would be at risk if a defendant is released. Judge Bridges agreed that Wilson’s bond may have been improperly set, but said, “I think it is proper now under the new statute.”