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Chelan School District Levy Update 2/11/2011
The next round of election results will be released by the Chelan County Auditors Office this afternoon with two local levies looking good and another hanging in the balance. The preliminary numbers show the Chelan School District’s three year maintenance and operations levy comfortably in front of the 50% needed for passage with 59.7 percent approval.

The Manson School District’s two year M and O levy is passing by even a larger margin with a 66 percent yes vote. Superintendent Matt Charlton points out financial support from the levy makes up approximately 15% of the district’s total budget. Funds would be used for everything from building maintenance to food service and transportation. Meanwhile the Manson Parks Levy is in need of a little help. Faced with a super-majority threshold of 60 percent to pass, the measure finds itself 12 votes short with 58.5 percent of the people saying yes. The parks levy would provide operational funds for the next two years.

The official tally on all three measures will be released by the Auditor’s Office at 3:30 this afternoon, and KOZI will have the results on the air as soon as possible.