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Levy Elections Underway 2/8/2011
Levy elections are underway today in two area school districts and a parks district.

The Chelan School District is asking voters to approve a maintenance and operations levy that will run over the next three years.

The measure replaces an expiring levy and would commence at the beginning of the 2011 school year this fall. The Manson School District has a two year operations and maintenance levy on the ballot. Collection for the 2 year measure would begin in January of next year and conclude in December of 2013.

Financial support from the levy is approximately 15% of the district’s total budget. And, an Operations Levy is up for approval in the Manson Parks District today. Parks Director Wai Petersen says the operational funds represent more than half of the district’s overall budget:

The levy will provide funds for the next two years. Ballots for all three measures must be dropped in the mail box today (Tuesday) before final pick-up. In Manson you can deposit it in the box outside the post office by 4:00, or you can bring it inside until 4:30 this afternoon. The last pick up at the Chelan Post Office is 5:00, or you can drop it into the ballot box behind Chelan City Hall up until 8PM. Tune in to KOZI for all the results tomorrow morning.