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Washington State Agriculture Industry Impacted by Political Turmoil 2/7/2011
If you thought that what’s happening in Egypt doesn’t affect you, just ask Washington Apple Commission President Todd Fryhover and Washington Grain Alliance President Tom Mick:"CLICK HERE" for Audio
The two industry leaders say Washington State’s agriculture industry could be significantly impacted by the political turmoil that has been occurring in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Fryhover says the Apple Commission has offices throughout the Middle East, including Egypt, that help market Washington Apples.

Grain exports play even a larger role, with 85 to 90 percent of the grain grown in Washington State is exported, with much of it going to the Middle East.

Officials with the Apple Commission and Grain Alliance agree that in our trade dependant state, the potential loss of export markets such as the Middle East could severely impact our economic wellbeing. In the meantime, they can only wait and see as events continue to unfold in Egypt and elsewhere around the Middle East.