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Jenny Montes Battling Leukemia 2/4/2011
13 year old Jenny Montes has been battling leukemia for more than two years. It’s been a roller coaster ride for the eighth-grade Manson girl, the daughter of Constantino and Olga Montes.

Doctors initially told the family Jenny’s cancer treatment had a history of 95 percent success, according to family spokesman Art Paulsen. Doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital now say that, barring a miracle, Jenny Montes will likely not survive the disease.

The family is with Jenny at Children’s Hospital, where doctors are trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

Her father, Constantino, is very thankful for all the help and hope offered by the community.

Paulsen says, “He’s a very spiritual man. He said he feels lucky that God has chosen his family to be helped by so many others. I asked him what we could do to help. Did he need any money, another fundraiser? He said no, they’ve been well cared for. All he wants are prayers,”.

“We haven’t given up hope. We’re still praying for a miracle.”