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Resignation of Okanogan Douglas Hospital Board Member Tom Hook 2/4/2011
During the last Okanogan Douglas Hospital Board meeting, the members regretfully accepted the resignation of long-time board member Tom Hook. Board Chair Larry Higbee said he feels it’s important to involve the public in the decision of who should fill the position.

The board agreed to take applications for the at large board position thru Friday, February 18th, with a special board meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 23rd at noon. At that time, the new applicants will be interviewed and candidates who had applied for the empty board position in November who have already interviewed will have a choice of re-interviewing.

In other business, hospital staff member Jan May updated the board on the plan for the levy lift lid committee. The board will be voting on putting a levy before the public in August at their meeting at the end of this month:"CLICK HERE" for Audio
May also invited the public to a presentation at the Quad City Senior Center next Monday February 7th, and to a meeting Wednesday February 23rd from 5 until 7 p.m. at the Community Center in Brewster to learn more about the Okanogan Douglas Hospital and the proposed levy.