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Columbia Valley Community Health Clinics Feel Money Pinch 1/6/2011
Columbia Valley Community Health Clinics in Chelan and Wenatchee will feel the money pinch next year as a result of the State’s suspension of grant funding for migrant health care, among other cuts.

About $5.3 million in monthly grants to community health clinics around the state will be suspended through June. Columbia Valley Community Health’s administrator in Chelan, Brad Henkins, says that serious cuts will have an impact on the uninsured and underinsured people who need help the most.

Henkins is aware that cuts are almost a certainty, he says dealing with the specifics of those cuts will have to come after things sort themselves out a bit. As a matter of fact, some minor adjusting to the cut levels is already being discussed by the state legislature, and it’s not too late for area residents to make their feelings known. The local clinic has forms that concerned citizens can use to let their legislators know how they feel. In the meantime, the clinic’s overall goal is to maintain the services at current levels as much as possible.

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