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Douglas County Deputies Dispatched To Complaint And Discover Badly Beaten Woman 1/6/2011
Douglas County deputies were dispatched to a residence in East Wenatchee Tuesday for a complaint of suspicious circumstances and discovered a badly beaten woman. A caller contacted deputies to say that her mother had not gone to work that day, had not called in sick, and no one had been able to contact her. According to a police report, the mother and her adult son reside at the residence. Sheriff Gjesdal and Deputies Bo Allen and Joaquin Sanchez responded to the residence and informed the son they were there to check on the welfare of his mother because no one had heard from her during the day. He led them to a bedroom where they found the mother on the bed covered with a blanket. She was unconscious and had obvious multiple injuries to her face and lower arms.

An ambulance responded and transported the victim, Maria E. Farias to Central Washington Hospital where she was being treated for closed head injuries, facial fractures, and blunt trauma injuries to her chest. Her son, Daniel Farias, was arrested and booked into the Chelan County Regional Jail for 1st Degree Assault. A search warrant was obtained for the residence and the investigation is continuing.

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