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Mansfield Stabbing 1/4/2011

A woman was slightly injured in a domestic dispute that resulted in an hours-long standoff in the Mansfield area Sunday. Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies were advised of a 9-1-1 hang up in the 10 block of Mansfield Blvd Sunday morning at approximately 11:35. While the deputy was enroute, the victim, a 39 year old female called back to say she was bleeding and the male suspect, 45 year old Wayne R. Harrell of Mansfield, might also try to harm himself. Over the phone the female was heard to say “please don’t stab me”.

The deputy was able to talk the female past the suspect and out of the house during the altercation. She reported that the two had gotten into an argument and physical altercation. Mr. Harrell pulled a knife out of his back pocket and slashed at the victim cutting her finger. He then held the tip of the knife against her back and told her he was going to kill her.

Harrell was eventually tasered and arrested. After being treated for a minor injury, he was transported to Chelan County Regional Justice Center where he was booked for 1st Degree Assault, “Felony Harassment - Threats to Kill” and Resisting Arrest. There were no serious injuries to the victim.