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+ News for the week of February 07, 2016

Today Is Election Day- Return Your Ballot!2/9/2016

It's Election Day and for Chelan County – those in the Lake Chelan School District are the only citizens with ballots to cast.


Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says there are two levies are on the Special Election Ballot...

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 Lake Chelan School District Superintendent, Rob Manahan, says if both levies pass, taxpayers will pay about $2.36 per $1,000 of assessed value...

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Tips To Avoid Scamming Tax Preparers2/9/2016

 Watch for scamming tax preparers-


Jim Dai has tips to keep your money safe...

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Mayor Supports Bill For Water Project Funds2/9/2016

 As part of the City of Chelan's quest to extend water out to the Chelan Municipal Airport, the Chelan Mayor testified last week in favor of a bill that could potentially bring funding to aid in that project.


Mayor Mike Cooney, explains the bill he testified for...

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 Mayor Cooney says the City is working on extending the water line from the edge of town, at Apple Blossom Drive, out to the City's Airport...

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 If the bill passes- Mayor Cooney says the City would then apply for funding, at which time they would be either denied or granted monies from the bill.

CMS January Students of the Month2/8/2016


Congratulations to the Chelan Middle School January Students of the Month!  Students are nominated by teachers for demonstrating our Pirate Practices of Respect, Accountability, Safety, Positive Attitude and Perseverance.

Back Row:  Lizbeth Tapia, Arturo Hernandez, Cameron Deeds, Jonathan Ramirez, Drake Bird, Cash Corrigan, Nicole Manier, Lanie Folsom, Catherine Mercado

Middle Row: Teegan Silva, Andrea Hernandez, Rocio Sevilla, Charlie Bordner, Dillon McCardle, Sarah Freeman, Ella Ediger

Kneeling: Natalie Jenkins, Baily Heimark, Mellissa Mendoza, Gerado Aguilar-Luna

 Not pictured: Sabriena Estes, Bella Bisceglia

+ News for the week of January 31, 2016

Semi Driver Arrested In Snoqualmie Fatality2/5/2016

 Semi truck driver arrested for investigation of vehicular homicide after two people killed in 10-vehicle crash; WB I-90 is expected to be closed "most of the day"

 The Washington State Patrol says two people have been killed in separate crashes involving up to 10 vehicles on Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass.


Trooper Chris Webb says two semi-trucks may have been involved in the accidents Friday morning. 

Trojan Teams Lose Final League Game2/5/2016

 Manson Trojans traveled to Liberty Bell Thursday for their final league game of the season, with both the boys and girls teams falling short- walking away with losses.


In girls action, the Lady Trojans ended with a 47-39 loss. The young Trojan team finished 5-15 for the season, but will return all but one varsity player next year. The lone senior, Delacey Machus scored 5 points in her final game of her career.


The boys fought valiantly and played one of their most complete games before falling 55-58. Eduardo Escalera and Bo Charlton were magnificent leading the Trojans with 23 and 15 points respectively.


Manson Seeks STEM Grant For Added Lab2/5/2016

 The Manson School District applied for grant funds last month that would allow for a STEM Facilities Extension.


STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific areas - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics- in an integrated program.


The grant, Superintendent, Matt Charlton says, is intended to provide STEM pilot project funds to districts...

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 This grant was created to provide STEM pilot project grant awards to school districts to construct or modernize science and science lab classrooms.


To be eligible, districts must have a housing burden due to lack of sufficient space for science classrooms and labs to facilitate meeting students graduation requirements and must have faculty in place that are prepared to teach science and engineering consistent with the science learning standards.


At least one grant will be awarded in both Southwest Washington and the Puget Sound Region, and at least 2 grants will be awarded in Eastern Washington.

Link Updates Firearms Policy2/5/2016

 Link Transit's Board of Directors recently revised a number of policies at its most recent board meeting, one of them regarding carrying firearms on board Link buses. Link's General Manager Richard deRock says it was the second revision of the policy since Link was created 25 years ago:

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 And deRock adds it's a policy that hasn't run into too many problems in Link's history:

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 But in drafting a revised policy, the Link Board ran into problems:

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 So the Link policy regarding firearms is sort of “live and let live” - unless:

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 In addition, Link revised its no-smoking policy to include smoking marijuana, as well as use of e-cigarettes, so no vaping on Link buses, either.

Do County Sees Decent Ballot Return Rate2/5/2016

 Election Day is drawing near – the ballots that have been mailed to you are due to be returned by Tuesday at 8 pm. The Lake Chelan School District Levies are the only issues on the ballot in Chelan County; but they're also on the Douglas County ballot, since a small portion of the district is across the river. But the similarities end there; Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall says there are other levies on his ballot:


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 The Bridgeport School levy is a four-year replacement M& O levy. The Brewster School district has a 17-million dollar bond issue to renovate its elementary and high schhools and build a middle school, and provide for student growth and STEM classes. The Mansfield School District has a four year m&O levy financed at about 1-89 per thousand assessed valuation; the Palisades District has a replacement two-year M&O levy at a dollar-89 per thousand. There's also the Orondo School levy, it's also a two year replacement M&O levy at two -62 per thousand.


With only 15-hundred ballots sent out, Duvall says he's happy with the return rate:

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Again, those ballots either have to be postmarked or returned to the auditor's office by 8 pm Tuesday.

Chelan Middle Honor Roll2/4/2016



The following students earned a 4.0 grade-point average:

Eighth grade: Connor Abel, Amelia Border, Sarah Freeman, Caroline Kelly, Christopher Knight, Maxwell Nimz, Molly Oswald, Mercedes Reynolds, Alfre Torres

Seventh grade: Drake Bird, Cash Corrigan, Xitlali Cruz, Mireya Garibay, Noah Hildreth, Hailee Huddleston, Madison Latter, Diana Lopez, Dillon McCardle, Sage Paddock Reid, Jose Plascencia, Elise Rothlisberger, Cory Schramm, Jesus Vazquez Rocha

Sixth grade: Angel Cortez, Zion Lovell, Teegan Silva

The following students earned a 3.5 to 3.99 grade-point average:

Eighth grade: Camilla Aparicio, Emilie Barnes, Danika Bills, Kaylin Boykin, Isabella Evans, Elizabeth Garcia, Leanna Garfoot, Kyle Jackson, Macaela LaPorte, Nicole Manier, Alexander Marron Andrade, Emma McLaren, Melissa Mendoza, Laura Montoya Benitez, Eli Phelps, Cynthia Sanchez, Casey Simpson, Ana Torres, Ella Tschetter, Tobin Wier, Melina Wyckoff, Talitha Zelaya

Seventh grade: America Avila, Gladiola Banuelos, Itzi Blanco, Chris Cannasso, Ellyn Collins, Caden Doggett, Sabriena Estes, Lana Fielding, Isabella Gatzemeier, Jose Gonzalez, Alejandro Hernandez, Matea Ivory, Josef Keen, Adrian Martinez, Holly Maxham, Daisy Monje, Angelica Nava, Miguel Neri Cazares, Aiden Peterson, Ella Polley, Kaitlyn Rainville, Maddelyn Smith, Taryn Sweeney, Aitza Uvalle

Sixth grade: Jamie Bekel, Charles Bordner, Gage Burdick, Lynda Dietrich, Ella Ediger, Jordyn Emery, Noemi Garcia Rosas, Joseph Gasper, Katelyn Gordon, Amberly Guerrero, Hannah Hawkins, Daniela Hernandez, Brenda Hernandez Poblete, Kya Holmes, Ethan Kehl, Itzel Martinez, Quin McLaren, Catherine Mercado, Nadia Montoya Benitez, Karen Munguia, Wilson Mutter, David Payan, Mia Rodman, Mackenzie Rogge, Casandra Sanchez, Rocio Sevilla, Hunter Shumway, Reed Stamps, Ethan Strandberg, Tristan Thanghe, Orlando Villa Garcia, Ruby Wier, Alexis Williams

The following students earned a 3.0 to 3.49 grade-point average:

Eighth grade: Yulisa Avila, Jacqueline Benegas, Isabella Bisceglia, Martin Castro Lucas, Cameron Deeds, Obed Diaz, Haylee Fry, Andrea Gavin, Audrey Gilleland, Bailey Heimark, Andrea Hernandez, Monroe Kenck, Alondra Lopez, Jasmine Lopez, Kristina McCrady, Elijah Morris, Eleno Rivera, Ashlyn Sanderson, Jazmin Santos, Christopher Schmidt, Nadia Van Wechel, Shaylyn Wells Davis, Steven Williams, Seth Yorgason
Seventh grade: Quinton Baker, Natalie Bishop, Abilene Castillo, Annie Chavez, Charlize Clementson, Ivan Duenas, Jonathan Gonzalez, Geovanna Granados, Adelyn Gueller, Michelle Hyde, Johan Luna Munoz, Tucker Lundberg Flowers, Lydia Montalvo Gomez, Jonathan Ramirez, Chase Rogge, Valeria Sanchez, Zachary Spence, Jose Torres, Alexis Valera, Hayley Watson

Sixth grade: Gerardo Aguilar Luna, Yves Joshua Antonio, Aiden Avery, Deisy Avila, Irasema Baldovinos, Amairany Bravo, Bethzabel Bravo, Kellen Bryant, Mason Davis, Jagjot Dhaliwal, Yosselin Diaz, Maeve Earley, Dylan Enriquez, Alven Espana, Yesenia Ferra, Aliyah Finch, Edgar Gutierrez, Nathan Harding, Morgyn Harrison, Jenson Hill, Jacqueline Jimenez, Deasel Kench, Zoe Knappert, Noah Loew, Marissa Manda, Janely Munoz, Holden Nichols, Juliana Nunez, Yuleymy Nunez, Wendy Oliveros, Damaris Oregon Morales, Logan Oules, Jose Patino, Erick Rodriguez Murillo, Neida Vargas, Valeria Venegas, Soren Yorgason, Miguel Zarate


Manson Trojans Grab Wins In Bridgeport2/3/2016

 The Manson Trojans walked away with two wins Tuesday night against the Fillies after traveling to Bridgeport.


On the girls side: Manson won with a final score of 27-20 – with the Lady Trojan's defense leading the way to victory.


Coach Eric Sivertson said, “Azalea Solari-Webb and Daicy Leyva led the team effort in limiting the Fillies to just 20 points.”


Offensively, the Trojans were led by Maddee Ward with 11 points and Baylee Ward with another 8.


The Trojan boys had a complete team effort to nab an important 49-41 win- which currently put them in the final spot for districts.


The team was led by Eduardo Escalera and Bo Charlton who each had 14 points. Bo, and Marco Mendoza cleaned up the boards with 12 and 10 rebounds respectively. In addition, Freshman, Avery Thompson, contributed 7 key points.


The Trojans travel to Methow Valley Thursday to take on Liberty Bell.



Tax Help Free For Anyone Who Needs It2/3/2016

 It's tax season, and if you want help with your return, you'll want to be at the Chelan Public Library this, or any Wednesday afternoon before the returns are due on April 18th. The AARP Tax Aide Program goes on at those times. Linda Limbeck with the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council is the AARP representative heading up the program:


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Just who qualifies for the service? Limbeck says they probably won't turn anyone away:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Limbeck says the AARP service is also available in Wenatchee at the Senior Activity Center three days a week, in Leavenworth, and up in Omak at the North Campus of Wenatchee Valley College once a week. The Chelan service runs each Wednesday afternoon at the Library from 1 to 5 p.m. Through April 13th.

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Winter Proves Challenging For Link Too2/3/2016

 It's been a rough winter for everyone, but Link Transit is probably very happy that the groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday (Tue). KOZI asked Link General Manager Richard DeRock how winter has been for them, and he said it's been a challenge . . .


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And all that extra work adds up and cuts into the bottom line:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And for the Route 21 bust that serves Chelan, there have been other issues, one snow-related, the other of the four-legged variety:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Link General Manager Richard DeRock, who adds that about 25 of Link's bus shelters have been fitted with solar powered lights that keep the shelters lit, including some shelters in it's more rural service areas.

Chelan's Water Plan Consultant Chosen2/3/2016

  The Chelan City Council picked a consultant for their comprehensive water plan at their meeting last week. Mayor Mike Cooney said after the request for proposals for a consultant went out, the City had applicants to choose from:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The mayor says that Gray and Osborne will have a full plate to deal with:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The next City Council meeting is in a week; folks from the city will be on with us to talk about their next agenda Friday morning around 8:15 on KOZI.


Monday AM News 02/01/162/1/2016
"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Burglary in Brewster UPDATE2/1/2016

On January 16, 2016 officers from the Brewster Police Department responded to a burglary complaint at a residence in the City of Brewster. While investigating the burglary, the officers followed the tracks of at least one of the suspects that lead away from the scene in the snow. The officers were able to locate and identify a suspect and from there, located and arrested several other subjects that were involved in the first burglary. As they continued their investigation it led the officers to two other burglaries where at least three firearms were stolen. The officers located and recovered all of the firearms that were involved. While trying to locate the stolen property from the first burglary, they discovered that some of the stolen money from the burglary was used to purchase narcotics. Two subjects were identified and arrested for delivery of controlled substance to a minor. By the conclusion of the officers shift, six (6) juvenile males and two (2) adult males had been arrested. They were booked into the Okanogan County Jail or the Okanogan County Juvenile Detention Center on a total of over thirty (30) felony charges ranging from Burglary 1st degree, possession of a firearm by a minor, malicious mischief, to delivery of a controlled substance to a minor.

The efforts of Officer Gordon Mitchell and Officer Rory Williams should be noted and applauded as they continue to investigate this crime spree. They were aided by Officer Michael Robbins of the Brewster Police Department as well as members from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office. Excellent teamwork.


Regency Manor CMS 5 Star Rating2/1/2016



Regency Manor Achieves CMS 5 Star Rating

Chelan, WA

Regency Manor has achieved a CMS 5 Star Rating !

In February 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) strengthened the Five Star Quality Rating System for Nursing Homes on the Nursing Home Compare website located at

Giving families more precise and meaningful information on quality when they consider facilities for themselves or a loved one. Star ratings allow users to see important differences in quality among nursing homes to help them make better care decisions. CMS rates nursing homes on three categories: results from onsite inspections by trained surveyors, performance on certain quality measures, and levels of staffing.

The Nursing Home Compare website was launched in 1998, and CMS added the Five Star Quality Rating System (“NH Compare 2.0”) in 2008.  Nursing Home Compare gets approximately 1.4 million visits per year and users report high satisfaction with the site. More than 85 percent of users have indicated that they found the information they were seeking. CMS recommends that consumers rely on multiple factors – including star ratings, visits and community reputation -- when selecting a nursing home.


About Regency Manor

Is a 55 bed skilled nursing facility offering Physical Therapy, Occupational and Speech therapy along with 24 hour Nursing Care. Regency Manor will be re-locating to a new facility in Wentachee in Spring 2016 and be named Regency Wenatchee.


To learn more contact:

Lexy Lieurance

Administrator Regency Manor

726 N. Markeson Ave

Chelan, WA 98816

(509) 682-2551

+ News for the week of January 24, 2016

Now Casting1/28/2016

Does your family enjoy being self-sufficient and having a lifestyle free of modern influence?  Do you live in a place so remote you can't drive to the grocery store?  Does your family purposely choose to be away from society because of personal beliefs?  If this sounds like you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you!  Please send a brief description of your family memember, locations, and contact, information to :

Los Angeles Production Company is seeking families for an authentic documentary about people who call the most remote areas of America home.

Manson Parks Adopts Waterfront Plans1/28/2016

 The Manson Parks and Recreation Board of Directors adopted conceptual drawings at their meeting last week for their Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.


The board, along with local Architect, Larry Hibbard, has been working on those plans for more than a year, including numerous board discussions and public meetings.


Parks Director, Wai (WHY) Petersen, says the recent adoption of the plans will aid in the future funding for those projects...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 We asked Petersen to give us a rundown of the key components of those conceptual drawings...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The first round of grant applications will be later this year.

Rio Tinto Still Plugging Away In Holden1/28/2016

 In a bit of a twist, work at the Holden Mine Remediation Project is continuing through the winter. Chelan District Ranger Kari (KAR-ee) Grover Weir says the work at the site is centering completing the mine water treatment plant:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Usually they would take the winter off, but due to the fact that the treatment plant is indoor work, Rio Tinto, the company behind the Remediation project, is continuing work through the winter.

Local Schools Supporting Substitute Bill1/28/2016

 Lake Chelan School Superintendent Rob Manahan was in Olympia Monday, testifying in favor of a bill That would allow retired teachers to substitute for up to around 75 days a year without losing retirement benefits. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction says 98 percent of principals have trouble finding subs. Manahan says it's also a problem here:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 That bill passed the State House on a 96 to 1 vote, now it goes to the State Senate. But that doesn't help the immediate problem, and Manahan has an offer for you:


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Chelan PUD Relaunched Website1/28/2016

 The Chelan County PUD relaunched their website last week with a revamped homepage and new features. The PUD's digital and social media “maven,” Christy Shearer, explains that one of the features is designed to make translation for Spanish speakers easier:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 One of the other additions to the homepage are links to the top five pages navigated by website users:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The website also is easier to view and navigate using mobile devices; Shearer says last month, 35 percent of website visits were through mobile devices. The website address is the same as always,

Health Report: Coffee and Kids1/28/2016
"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Manson Recognizes School Board Members1/27/2016

 Administration in Manson kicked off the first board meeting of the year, on Monday, by recognizing board members as part of School Board Recognition Month.


Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says the board members put a lot of time and energy into their role...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Charlton said the current Manson School board is a great mix of veterans along with some newer folks...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Manson School Board meets the last Monday of each month.

Bridgeport Holds Comp Plan Public Meeting1/27/2016

 The Planning Commission will be holding a Public Meeting next week, on Thursday, February 4th- to discuss the City's Comprehensive Plan.


Bridgeport Mayor, Jan Conklin, told KOZI that the council is hoping to hear from several members of the community at that meeting...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Again, that public meeting on the Bridgeport City Comprehensive Plan will be held next Thursday, February 4th at 6PM. For more details, visit the city's website at WWW. BRIDGEPORT WASHINGTON. NET

Chelan County Sheriff Talks Staffing1/27/2016

 Chelan County isn't having the troubles the State Patrol is having when it comes to finding and keeping deputies. That's the word from Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett, who says the Sheriff's office has some good incentives to attract candidates:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Sheriff adds that his department isn't seeing the attrition the State Patrol is experiencing:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Burnett notes that this is a contract negotiation year for the deputies, with the contract expiring at the end of the year, and negotiations getting underway in a few months.

City Considers Water Plan Consultant1/27/2016

 There's only one action item on the Chelan City Council's agenda tomorrow (Thu) night – the selection of a consultant for the City's Comprehensive Water Plan. Mayor Mike Cooney and Public Works Director Duane Van Epps interviewed prospective candidates yesterday (Tue); what are they looking for? Van Epps explains:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Mayor Mike Cooney says don't take the importance of this position – or the water plan itself – for granted:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Van Epps says their on a fast track deadline for the water plan . . .


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Chelan City Council meets tomorrow (Thu) night at 6 at City Hall; we'll have folks from the city to explain what happened Friday morning on KOZI.

Manson Parks Approves Marina Vendors1/27/2016

 The Manson Parks and Recreation District board met last week in a special meeting, after canceling their regularly scheduled meeting the week before due to not having a quorum to conduct business.


Parks Director, Wai Petersen, told KOZI that the board finalized their commercial Vendors agreements...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Manson Parks Board also discussed the downtown waterfront long term plan- something KOZI will take a closer look at in tomorrow's news.

Manson Trojans Lose To Lake Roosevelt1/27/2016

 Manson Trojans hosted Lake Roosevelt Tuesday for basketball action – and lost in both the boys and girls games.


In the girls game, the Trojans fell with a final score of 49-24. The Trojans were led by Maddee Ward who put up 8 points with freshman, Megan Clausen added 7.


On they boys side, the Trojans lost with a final score of 33-62. They were led by Eduardo Escalera with 12 points.


Coach Erik Helleson said of Tuesday's game, “We struggled mightily from the field.”


Before each game, the Trojans celebrated their seniors: Delacey Machus and Karina Giles for the girls, and Roberto Suarez and Jared LaMar for the boys.

The Trojans will play on Thursday in a league game in Oroville.



Ballots For Chelan School Levies Mailed1/26/2016

Election Day is just around the corner – and for Chelan County – those in the Lake Chelan School District will be the only citizens to receive a ballot.


Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore says those ballots were mailed out last Friday...




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Moore adds that if you live within the Lake Chelan School District, you have exactly 2-weeks from today to get those ballots returned...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Chelan School District levies on the February 9 Special Election ballot include a Replacement Maintenance and Operation Levy – which would authorize the district to levy taxes , in place of an expiring levy and a Capitol Levy for Educational technology improvements.


With the addition of the replacement levy and new tech levy the total estimated cost to taxpayers will be $2.36/$1000 of assessed value- if both propositions are passed.

CCC's Discuss Chelan's Water Main1/26/2016

Chelan County Commissioners met yesterday (Mon) with Chelan City staffers about installing a new water main . . .






"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 England says the meeting is just to exchange information, and there's no real timeline set for the project . . .

"CLICK HERE" for Audio


Estimated cost of the project is around two million dollars.

Manson Hosts Free Community Chili Feed1/26/2016

 Tonight is the Manson Community Chile Feed- held at the Manson high School Commons starting at 5PM.


Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says the school held their first community chili feed back in 2011 and it has since become an annual tradition...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Charlton says the event is free to everyone- and put on by the Manson School Board...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 On the menu for tonight's Free Manson Community Chili Feed is Chile, Chips, Cabbage Salsa, Cookie and a beverage.


That's tonight at Manson High School starting at 5PM.


Planning Commission Talks Pot Grows1/26/2016

 The Chelan County Planning Commission meets tomorrow (Wed) to consider the county's next move regarding licensing of marijuana growing and processing. The county has been under a six-month moratorium on new licenses since September. Chelan County Commissioner Doug England says whatever the Planning Commission recommends will be sent on to the County Commission for action:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 England says the county is having several issues regarding pot that go beyond what the neighbors complain about which are . . .


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Planning Commission will be considering what the county can – and should – do next:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 England says the County Commissioners probably won't be in attendance at Wednesday's meeting. Whatever the Planning Commission decides, however, will be the topic of a public hearing now scheduled for February 9th.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Man Tased After Punching Deputy1/26/2016

 On 01/24/16 at approximately 8:00 PM a Douglas County Deputy on routine patrol in the 1800 Blk. of Foster Creek Rd. in Bridgeport stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation.  When she approached the car she noticed the driver was acting suspiciously.  She also suspected the person was under the influence of alcohol.   The suspect’s driver’s license was suspended.   As the Deputy was attempting to conduct field sobriety tests, the suspect began to back away from her.  When she attempted to handcuff him, he fled.  The Deputy quickly caught up to him and grabbed a hold of his jacket.  He turned and punched her in the stomach with a closed fist.  The Deputy deployed her Taser.  The male fell down but as soon as the electrical current shut off, he got up and ran again.  The Deputy activated the Taser a second time.  The suspect fell a second time, but even though the Deputy had her weight on him, he continued to fight and try to escape.  The Deputy activated her Taser a third time.  The suspect finally complied and was arrested.  He was examined by Bridgeport Fire Department EMS personnel who determined he was not injured except for the two Taser probe punctures.  The suspect was booked into the Okanogan County Jail  who discover had also lied about his name.  The suspect was identified as 41 year old Manuel Pacheco-Pascacio of Bridgeport.  He was charged with DUI, Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License, Driving without an Ignition Interlock Device, Obstructing a Law Enforcement officer , Giving False Information, and Assault 3rd degree.  Pacheco-Pascario also had an active arrest warrant for a previous DUI in Douglas County.  He was warned for his traffic infractions.  The Deputy suffered bruising.


Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

Small Business Workshop Training Starts1/25/2016

In this 21st-century, post-recession economy, employers and employees alike can find themselves in somewhat of a Catch 22 – employers have a hard time finding job applicants with proper training for the position, employees can’t get or afford the training they need to get the job. Well the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council wants to change that with a series of free workshops starting Monday and going through February. 



The workshop series, entitled Community Treasures Small Business Job Training, offers 20 four-hour classes to anyone interested in starting their own business or strengthening their business skills. People can attend any of the workshops out of the series, but Carli Ludlow, an Americorp member working with the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council, said they believe attendees with benefit the most by completing all of them in order. She said certificates of completion will be given to students who complete all 80 hours in the three modules. 

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Ludlow told us about how this small business series came about –

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The program’s modules cover a range of topics – from financing, crowdfunding and marketing, to start-up basics, employee management and social media.

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And again all the workshops are free, starting Monday Jan. 25 and running through Feb. 23, all in the afternoons from 1-5 p.m. Best way to register is at the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council website – You can also call Carli at 662-6156 or send her an email at That’s C-A-R-L-I-L at cdcac dot org.

Now....Where To Put All Our Snow1/25/2016

 Amid some recent complaints of neighbors dumping snow onto neighbors driveways, and the like- City of Chelan Public Works Director, Dwayne VanEpps, says that is a matter of common courtesy- not something the city enforces.


But, - as far as citizens running out of places to put the snow-- he says, you aren't alone...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 VanEpps stresses that the crews have done a great job of plowing the roads... but it's the snow removal portion that is hard to keep up with....

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 So- where do they take all that snow? Van Epps explains how that works...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Forest Improvement Projects Sought1/25/2016

 The Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest is looking for projects that can compete for funding provided through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act of 2000. Congress has allocated monies to be used for projects through 2017.


Robin Demario, Public Affairs Specialist for the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest says applications are being accepted for projects designed to improve National Forest lands and the rural economies of local counties within the boundaries of the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Demario says project proposals come in from a large variety of folks...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The program has been in place for 15 years- during which time, Demario says, a lot of really great projects have been done on the national forest...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 To learn more about the forest improvement project funding- you can call the forest service at 509-664-9292.


Project submission forms are available on the forest's website at WWW.FS.USDA.GOV

Curious About Earthquakes In NW?1/25/2016

 Wenatchee Valley Erratics Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute will meet at 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, February 9 at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, 127 South Mission, Wenatchee.

Title: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest: Is the Coast Really Toast? What about Wenatchee?

Dr. Ralph Dawes, Professor of Earth Sciences at Wenatchee Valley College, will discuss recent earthquake research and history in Washington. Advances in Pacific Northwest earthquake science, an article in the New Yorker Magazine last summer, and reports in media shook up people to realize that earthquakes are an important part of the dynamic underlying landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. With such great beauty often come great risks.

In most of Washington State, there has not been a big earthquake for several generations. Many people are unaware of great quakes that have shaken this area in the past. But scientists have become increasingly concerned about the likelihood of a major temblor and tsunami hitting the Pacific Northwest coast, such as the one that hit Japan in 2011; or a damaging quake occurring in eastern Washington, such as the one that struck near Entiat and blocked the Columbia River in 1872. Geologists cannot predict earthquakes, but by deducing from their histories occurring on a given fault, they can forecast future earthquake behavior.    
The program is free & open to the public.

For overviews of the Ice Age Floods and more information on the Ice Age Floods Institute, please look at our website: and; and for beautiful quadricopter videos of Ice Age features,

Trojan Boys Beat Okanogan 57-461/25/2016

 Manson Trojans hosted the Okanogan Bulldogs Friday night- and split games for the night with the Manson Boys walking away with a big league win- with a final score of 57-46.

Coach Erik Helleson says, “we had a complete game with exceptional contributions from everyone.”

Eduardo Escalera led the team with 21 points and Bo Charlton contributed a double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds.

In girls action- Okanogan Lady Bulldogs proved their defending state champion status with a 69-17 win over the Lady Trojans.

Manson will host Lake Roosevelt on Tuesday for the last home game of the season and Senior Night.


Celebrating Local Food In Okanogan1/25/2016

 Celebrating Local Food

Slow Food Okanogan and The Dinner Table, 2 non-profit community organizations, are putting on “The Feast – a Celebration of Local Food”. This semi-annual event features foods sourced from as many local producers as possible, then creatively prepared by volunteers to best showcase the foods and offer delicious variety. The event will be held at Esther Bricques winery on Swanson Mill Road south of Oroville on Saturday, January 30th. The no host social hour will begin at 5 pm with estate wines from Esther Bricques available and paired with hors d’oeuvres of local cheeses, bread, and fruit. A buffet style dinner featuring a variety of locally-sourced and prepared foods will be served at 6 pm. Dinner is by suggested donation of $15 per person. There will be a Silent Auction and information about Slow Food, The Dinner Table, and other local food projects. Come enjoy the good company of people interested in increasing access to quality local agricultural products and a marvelous meal. For more information, contact Carey Hunter at 826-9492 or visit Facebook page SlowFoodOkanogan.

Natural Resource Scholarship Applications1/25/2016

 Leavenworth, Wash. — Do you know an aspiring biologist or natural resource student who would benefit from a $1500 tuition scholarship from an accredited college or university? Eligible 2016 graduating high school seniors may apply now for the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival’s Nancy Duree Natural Resource Scholarship.


The 2016 scholarship will be awarded to a North Central Washington graduating high school senior pursuing a college education in a natural resource field (biology, forestry, botany, fisheries, geology, ecology, environmental education, etc.). The Nancy Duree Memorial Scholarship was established by the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival in memory of Nancy Duree, an active partner in the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival since its inception, and a champion of natural resource education for both children and adults.


Applicants must attend a high school in one of the following counties to compete for the scholarship: Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Kittitas, Okanogan or Yakima. The successful candidate will be selected based upon their academic record, community commitment, essay, references and financial need.


Applications must be postmarked by April 15th and may be downloaded from the internet at


+ News for the week of January 17, 2016

Guy Who Drove Car In Lake, Arrested1/22/2016

 MARLIN, Wash. (21JAN2016) -- Grant and Adams county sheriff’s deputies have arrested the suspect in a south Grant County burglary which led to the getaway car being driven into a rural lake.

A deputy acting on a tip this morning spotted John James Monday, age 29 of Othello, at a home in the 21000 block of Road W-Northeast near the small town of Marlin in easternmost Grant County. The deputy called for back-up, summoning the Moses Lake Regional Tactical Response Team and a K-9 unit from Adams County.

Deputies tried to talk Monday out of the house but they received no reply. The Adams County K-9 found Monday hiding behind the home and subdued him. Monday was transported to Samaritan Hospital for his wounds. When released today, Monday will be booked into the Grant County Jail on an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant.

Deputies are still investigating the alleged burglary near Royal City last week, where it was believed Monday fled the scene and eventually dumped the getaway car into Upper Goose Lake inside the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. Divers recovered the unoccupied car the following day. Deputies and U.S. Marshals had been following tips that Monday had been seen in the Othello and Grant County areas. 

Work Continues On Pine Canyon Slide1/22/2016

 It's been almost two weeks since the main road to Waterville on Highway Two was closed due to a rock slide on Pine Canyon. How is the work going on getting that cleared? Jeff Adamson with the DOT says it's going remarkably well . . . never mind that not a single rock has been cleared from the roadway yet . . .


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And that includes creating access to the slide area, making arrangements with the property owner at the top of the slope:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Pipkin Construction is taking the lead on the project, with a company out of Chehalis taking care of clearing the rock. One key to the project was financial: getting it included in the December disaster declaration by the Federal Government.

Don't Bury Your Hydrant With Snow1/22/2016

 With all the snow we've received the last few weeks, the question popping up is, “Where to put it?” Well, in some cases, Mister Plow and the Plow King are starting to cause issues for fire crews. Manson Fire Chief Arnold Baker:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The problem is that the hydrants are getting covered in snow, and becoming hard to find – even with the tops painted in blue, green, red, or yellow. So Chief Baker has a plea – and a bit of a warning:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Baker says a representative of the Lake Chelan Reclamation District has been going around, digging out the hydrants lately, and may be going out again soon, because more snow has come in since his last outing.

New Undersheriff For Chelan County1/22/2016

 Chelan County Sheriff, Brian Burnett, announced this week that his Undersheriff, John Wisemore, will be stepping down from his position, after five years on the job.


Sheriff Burnett says Wisemore's decision is understandable, but it came a surprise...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Burnett says John will continue to work with the Chelan County Sheriff's Office, but in a different role.


Burnett says he has appointed longtime deputy and current Chief of Patrol, Jason Mathews to the Undersheriff position...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Wisemore will remain as Undersheriff until March 1, to aid in Jason Mathew's transition into that position.

Road To Echo Ridge Closed For Today1/22/2016

 Chelan, WA— Forest Service Road No. 8020 that leads to the Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Area is closed today, Friday, January 22, due to hazardous driving conditions.  Wet snow and rain received yesterday, combined with an icy road base, have led to unsafe conditions. 

The road is closed near Bergman Gulch, past Echo Valley Ski Area and Chelan Rentals. Snowplowing equipment will be working to clear slush and ice this evening with the intent of opening the road again on Saturday, January 23 for winter recreation activities.  For updated grooming and road conditions please visit the Lake Chelan Nordic Ski Club website and look under grooming conditions.

“The road to Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Area is steep, narrow and windy. The wet snow, rain and warm temperatures since yesterday have created a layer of slush over ice that makes it very slick,” said Chelan District Ranger Kari Grover Wier.  “If one vehicle gets stuck, it is difficult for others to get around it and this sometimes results in several vehicles getting stuck. So, we are closing the road for public safety until we can get it cleared, as much as possible.  We hope to have the road to Echo Ridge open again on Saturday.”

County Road 23B leading to Echo Valley Ski Area remains open.

For more information, please call the Chelan Ranger District office at 509-682-4900.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

WS DOT Is Busy Clearing Snow....Again1/21/2016

 If you've been driving around the area during these winter storms, you may notice that some roads – particularly state highways – seem to be in better shape than even your more traveled city streets. If you've wondered why that is, well, frankly, we've wondered that, too. So we asked DOT spokesman Jeff Adamson for an explanation:


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Not only does road usage play a role, but the equipment and materials the DOT has in its arsenal makes a difference, too:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And how are the roads holding up in this, the worst winter we've had in about 20 years? Adamson says we'll find out the answer to that . . . once the snow melts.

Health Report: Not Getting Enough Sleep?1/21/2016
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CVH & Thrive Receive Seahawks Jerseys1/21/2016

 Chelan, WA. January 21, 2016: Both Wells Fargo of Manson and Chelan were recently awarded a signed Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey, following an internal campaign which was hosted by Wells Fargo in Washington. This campaign was designed to help raise community awareness throughout the state. There were 18 winning banking stores out of 136. The winning stores were given the opportunity to donate to a nonprofit of their choice. The Manson Wells Fargo banking store chose Chelan Valley Hope (CVH) to receive their Seahawks jersey and the Chelan banking store selected Thrive Chelan Valley, because these team members see firsthand the benefits these organizations provide to the Chelan Valley.

CVH and Thrive Chelan Valley are currently working with the Chelan Chamber of Commerce, the Manson Business Association and a group of volunteers to create an exciting opportunity for the jersey’s to be
auctioned off later this year.
“We chose Chelan Valley Hope because they really care for our community,” said John Freeze, Wells Fargo Manson store manager. “Their purpose is to help individuals and families in crisis access basic needs like food, transportation, utilities, rent, clothing, emergency shelter and other social and health services. They also help with family advocacy, mental health programs and educational opportunities. As most are aware, our community suffered huge devastation due to the fires of this past summer. Chelan Valley Hope was there from the beginning; helping those who were evacuated or who lost their homes from the fire, and no one was turned away. We firmly believe that this organization is a community pillar and that every community could benefit from having this type of organization.”
“We’re very excited to have been selected for this donation,” said Sharon Lukacs, Executive Director of Chelan Valley Hope “It’s going to be a great way to raise funds that will benefit many in the greater Chelan Valley.” As a grass-roots, local 501c3, which was founded in 2008, Chelan Valley Hope depends exclusively on the generosity of donors for revenue, and the commitment of willing volunteers for its workforce. To learn more about CVH, the work they do and how you can help visit .
Thrive Chelan Valley is a local 501(c)3 organization which exists to raise awareness about, advocate for and empower the community to provide programs and services designed to meet the needs of youth in the Chelan-Manson valley. Together the City of Chelan, Lake Chelan School District, North Cascades Bank, Real Life Church and Cevado Technologies currently provide the majority of Thrive’s operating funds. For more information or to volunteer, please go to
Thrive Chelan Valley board president, Jacque DePaoli, reports that the board of directors are extremely
grateful that the Wells Fargo, Chelan branch, selected Thrive (formerly the Chelan Teen Center, est. 1999) based on their history and ongoing work to support and promote youth in the Lake Chelan area. DePaoli says “For Thrive, the Seahawks jersey is actually a double bonus because we have been afforded a unique
opportunity to raise necessary funds as well as work directly with Chelan Valley Hope staff and volunteer

Winterfest Week 1: Well Behaved Crowds1/20/2016

 The first weekend of Winterfest might have been busy from a business and fun standpoint, but from the law enforcement standpoint, it was a quiet weekend – and they like that just fine. Sergeant Rob Huddleston with the Chelan County Sheriff's Office:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Huddleston says Winterfest is a whole different animal from the summertime events here, and as such, brings a completely different dynamic:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Of course the weather plays a part, too – and adds to the word of mouth, which brings more folks to town . . .


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And now the scene shifts to Manson for the second weekend of Winterfest.

Bill Deals With Local Gov't & Fireworks1/20/2016

 A bill sponsored by 12th District Representative Brad Hawkins had a hearing last week in Olympia. The bill, deals with how much leeway local governments have regarding fireworks. Currently, there is a one-year waiting period if municipalities adopt fireworks rules that are more restrictive than state law; Hawkins' bill would change that:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 House Bill 2348 had its hearing in the House Local Government Committee. It has bipartisan support, with more than 40 co-sponsors. Those testifying in favor of the bill included Chelan County Fire Chief Mike Burnett. Those against the bill say a sudden ban would ruin many in the fireworks industry, and that lawmakers were would be legislating out of fear based on last year's record fire season.

Commissioners Eye Feb 9 For Pot Hearing1/20/2016

 A question mark continues to hang over the question of what Chelan County will do about growing and processing of marijuana. In September, the county enacted a six-month moratorium on new licenses. Now, the county is waiting for recommendations from the Planning Commission before another public hearing is held on the matter, most likely in the next couple of weeks. Chelan County Commissioner Doug England says the hearing – and what comes from it – will have an impact on both existing and future marijuana licenses:


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The retail sale of pot seems to be a bone of contention, too, with England telling KOZI that the state seems to be changing its mind as to where a retail pot operation can be located:

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 There is no definite date for a public hearing yet, but England says a tentative date has been set for February 9th.

City To Surplus Recently Purchased House1/20/2016

 The Chelan City Council deemed a recently purchased house as surplus at their meeting last week and is considering the future of more than 35 acres that home currently sits on.

Chelan Mayor, Mike Cooney, says the land and home were purchased as part of a federally mandated shift to the Chelan Municipal Airport runway...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Those building must be removed, because the FAA will not allow dwellings at the end of airport runways.

Next, Mayor Cooney says, will be what to do with the remaining land...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Chelan City Council meets the second and Thursday of each month- which means their next meeting is next Thursday, January 28... we will have City officials in studio this Friday- shortly after 8am, to go over the agenda for their next meeting.

Microloans Program Through USDA1/20/2016

 Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will begin offering farm ownership microloans, creating a new financing avenue for farmers to buy and improve property. These microloans will be especially helpful to beginning or underserved farmers, U.S. veterans looking for a career in farming, and those who have small and mid-sized farming operations.


“Many producers, especially new and underserved farmers, tell us that access to land is one of the biggest challenges they face in establishing and growing their own farming operation,” said Harden. “USDA is making it easier for new farmers to hit the ground running and get access to the land that they need to establish their farms or improve their property.”


The microloan program, which celebrates its third anniversary this week, has been hugely successful, providing more than 16,800 low-interest loans, totaling over $373 million to producers across the country. Microloans have helped farmers and ranchers with operating costs, such as feed, fertilizer, tools, fencing, equipment, and living expenses since 2013. Seventy percent of loans have gone to new farmers.


Now, microloans will be available to also help with farm land and building purchases, and soil and water conservation improvements. FSA designed the expanded program to simplify the application process, expand eligibility requirements and expedite smaller real estate loans to help farmers strengthen their operations. Microloans provide up to $50,000 to qualified producers, and can be issued to the applicant directly from the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA).


This microloan announcement is another USDA resource for America’s farmers and ranchers to utilize, especially as new and beginning farmers and ranchers look for the assistance they need to get started. To learn more about the FSA microloan program visit, or contact your local FSA office. To find your nearest office location, please visit


Health Report: Pressure Points1/20/2016
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Winter Storm Watch For Tonight1/20/2016

 Winter Storm Watch

626 AM PST WED JAN 20 2016



626 AM PST WED JAN 20 2016












Stolen Guns, Attempted Sale = Arrested1/19/2016

  A 28-year-old Moses Lake man is jailed after selling two stolen guns to undercover detectives on Monday.

Brandon J. Cirame made arrangements to sell three revolvers, a shotgun and a rifle. Two of those guns were reported as stolen.

Unfortunately for Cirame, the buyers he met with were undercover detectives from the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team. The meeting happened in the parking lot of the Moses Lake WalMart.

Cirame, a convicted felon, was arrested for investigation of five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm; two counts of possession of stolen property; and two counts of trafficking stolen property.

“A bust like this should serve as a warning to felons that you can never be too sure who is buying the stolen property you are trying to offload,” said Sheriff Tom Jones. 

Local Hometown Heroes Sought1/19/2016

 Throughout North Central Washington, ordinary people perform extraordinary lifesaving acts ever day. The American Red Cross needs your help to identify those people, by way of their 2016 Hometown Heroes awards.


Megan Snow, with the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross, explains what they mean by hero…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Nominees selected as Hometown Hero Award recipients will be recognized at an event in March.

Snow said that the back to back devastating fire seasons will likely impact the nominations…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Nominations must be turned in to the Red Cross by February 15.

Nominees must live in or have performed the heroic act in Chelan Douglas or Okanogan County, within the last 2 years.

For more information, call the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross at 509-663-3907.

Distracted Driving Similar To DUI1/19/2016

 The U.S. Department of Transportation is leading the effort to stop texting and cell phone use behind the wheel. Since 2009, the US DOT has banned texting and cell phone use for commercial drivers, encouraged states to adopt tough laws, and launched several campaigns to raise public awareness about the issue.

Washington was the first state to pass a texting ban, in 2007. Now 46 states have completely banned text messaging for all drivers.

Yet distracted driving is rampant on our roadways, killing hundreds each year.

Chelan County Sheriff, Brian Burnett, compares distracted driving to driving under the influence, and his office is taking steps to put an end to it…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Sheriff Burnett says distracted driving includes anything that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or even your mind off of driving….


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Talking or sending text messages while holding a wireless device carries a $124 fine in the state of Washington.

Drivers must use hands-free devices, and new drivers with instruction permits or intermediate licenses can’t use wireless devices at all.


Port Seeks Builders or Landlords1/19/2016

 The Port of Chelan County is currently seeking a builder or landlord for an existing tenant who is expanding.


Business Development Director for the Port of Chelan County, Craig Larsen, says a current tenant of Olds Station has outgrown their space...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Larsen says the port is accepting letters of interest until Friday, January 22nd- and is hoping to see some private individuals throw their hat in the ring...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Larsen adds that the Port of Chelan County is the county's principal economic development agency- which stands to reason their excitement in aiding in economic growth...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Again, the Port of Chelan County is accepting letters of interest regarding their tenant expansion, until Friday, January 22nd.


You can email those to



Passes Open And Clear This Morning1/19/2016



Pass Report


31ºF / 0ºC


3022 ft / 921 m


No restrictions


No restrictions


The roadway is bare and dry, wet in places


Overcast skies


Pass Report


27ºF / -2ºC


4061 ft / 1238 m


No restrictions


No restrictions


Roadway is bare and wet with frost and ice in places


Overcast skies



Pass Report


27ºF / -2ºC


4102 ft / 1250 m


Traction Tires Advised, Oversize Vehicles Prohibited.


Traction Tires Advised, Oversize Vehicles Prohibited.


Compact snow and ice on the roadway


Overcast skies


Health Report: Myth Or Fact?1/19/2016
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Manson Boys Beat Tonasket1/19/2016

Manson Trojans hosted Tonasket on Friday in NCW 2 B League basketball action - the boys walked away with a healthy lead, while the girls lost by 10 points.


On the girls side: Manson lost with a final score of 25-35

Coach Eric Sivertson, says the team "failed to generate enough consistent offense against Toansket."

The team was led by Sophomore Angie Guillen, who scored 7 points on the night. 


On boys side: Manson beat Tonasket with a final score of 64-46


Coach Erik Helleson says, "We played a very complete game where everyone contributed."

Sophomore Eduardo Escalera led the team with 20 points and 5 assists while Junior Bo Charlton added 14 points to boost the Trojans.

The Trojans travel Tuesday to Brewster to take on the Bears in another league match-up.



Lions Honor Pat Resley Posthumously1/19/2016

 CHELAN, WA January 15, 2016:

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is the highest honor available from Lions Clubs International. This fellowship honors Melvin Jones who founded the Lions organization in 1917. A Melvin Jones Fellow is a Lion who gives of self without personal expectations and is the one who works so very hard to help people in need. Lake Chelan Lions Club recently chose Lion Pat Risley as their newest recipient and donated $1,000 to Lions Clubs International in his honor.


Lion Pat was a member of the Lake Chelan Lions Club for 53 years, joining in 1962. He enjoyed serving as the White Canes project chairman for many years as well as serving many officer positions on the executive board over the years. Lion Pat willingly worked nearly all of the Club projects and was usually the first to volunteer. He was especially devoted to the annual holiday food basket project. He organized the food drive and the delivery of food and gifts to local families.


Lion Pat knew the value of giving freely of his time and labor for the betterment of this community. Lion Pat Risley exemplified the Melvin Jones Fellowship criteria and for that, he was nominated.

The Lake Chelan Lions Club received word that he would be receiving this award the morning that Pat passed away following a brief illness. The club decided to present this amazing accomplishment to his wife, Patty Risley, at his memorial service held in December at the Methodist Church. As a true testament to his selfless heart, the church had standing room only.


The Lake Chelan Lions Club is proud to announce that the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, the highest honor of a Lion, was presented posthumously to our dedicated friend, Lion Vernon Pat Risley.


IF: Lake Chelan is Friday, Feb 51/19/2016

 RealLife Hosts IF:Gathering on February 5&6


Local Gathering Taps into Livestream, Builds Local Connections



Tens of thousands of women worldwide will participate in the IF:Gathering on February 5-6, 2016, via a livestream from a live, sold out event in Austin, Texas. With a variety of cultures and denominations represented, these women hold one thing in common: they want to live like God is real. The IF:Gathering provides space for women to wrestle with essential questions of faith, to dream, and to connect during a two-day gathering. For more information about the 2016 gathering visit

In Lake Chelan, local leaders are hosting a livestream gathering, and women from the area are invited to join IF:Lake Chelan on February 5&6, as part of this international event.

Sponsoring Church: RealLife Lake Chelan


IF: Local meeting location: Chelan Senior Center, 534 E Trow, Chelan, WA, 98816


Date/Time: Friday, Feb 5, 7-9pm; Saturday, Feb 6 9am-7pm


Contact: Kalee Simmons

This IF:Local gathering is accepting registration at RealLife Lake Chelan on Sunday mornings at 10am at Chelan High School or online at

IF:Gathering exists to gather, equip and unleash women to live out their calling. The non-profit was born out of a God-given vision from Jennie Allen, Founder & Visionary. She was joined by Lindsey Nobles, Chief Operating Officer, and together, they formed a team of Christian female leaders that desire to gather this generation of women by creating a pure, honest space to wrestle with the essential question: IF God is real… THEN what? In the first two years, IF:Gathering has reached more than one million women in fifty countries. IF:Gathering provides a daily online equipping tool, IF:Equip, to help women to know God more deeply. By partnering with organizations like International Justice Mission, IF is coming alongside women around the world, fostering relationships, and utilizing women’s God-given gifts to not only transform hearts but also leave a tangible impact on the entire world. More information can be found at

Melvin Jones Fellowship Awarded1/18/2016


The Melvin Jones Fellowship is the highest honor available from Lions Clubs International. This fellowship honors Melvin Jones who founded the Lions organization in 1917. A Melvin Jones Fellow is a Lion who gives of self without personal expectations and is the one who works so very hard to help people in need. Lake Chelan Lions Club recently chose Lion Pat Risley as their newest recipient and donated $1,000 to Lions Clubs International in his honor.

Lion Pat was a member of the Lake Chelan Lions Club for 53 years, joining in 1962. He enjoyed serving as the White Canes project chairman for many years as well as serving many officer positions on the executive board over the years. Lion Pat willingly worked nearly all of the Club projects and was usually the first to volunteer. He was especially devoted to the annual holiday food basket project. He organized the food drive and the delivery of food and gifts to local families. 


Lion Pat knew the value of giving freely of his time and labor for the betterment of this community. Lion Pat Risley exemplified the Melvin Jones Fellowship criteria and for that, he was nominated.

The Lake Chelan Lions Club received word that he would be receiving this award the morning that Pat passed away following a brief illness. The club decided to present this amazing accomplishment to his wife, Patty Risley, at his memorial service held in December at the Methodist Church. As a true testament to his selfless heart, the church had standing room only.


The Lake Chelan Lions Club is proud to announce that the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, the highest honor of a Lion, was presented posthumously to our dedicated friend, Lion Vernon Pat Risley.


City of Chelan Appoints Mayor Pro Tem1/18/2016

 The Chelan City Council held their first meeting of 2016 last Thursday, and according to Mayor Mike Cooney, who was elected to the position in November, said it was a night of firsts for many...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The first order of business following the swearing in ceremony, Mayor Cooney says, was to elect a Mayor Pro Tem...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Mayor Pro-Tem fills in for the mayor in their absence, and is a 2-year appointment.


We will have more on last week's council meeting in tomorrow's news here on KOZI.

WAEF Scholarship Applications Available1/18/2016
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Martin Luther King Jr Day Tribute1/18/2016
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Health Report: Benefits of Bananas1/18/2016
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