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+ News for the week of March 29, 2015

+ News for the week of March 22, 2015

WSP Switches To Hydrogen Fuel Cells3/27/2015

 "Envronmental friendly" isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of law enforcement, but the Washington State Patrol is changing that.

WSP's Electronic Services Division has replaced tradional lead-acid batteries with hydrogen fuel cells at 15 of the agency's network radio towers across the state.


Here's the story:

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NCWAR Gathers $179K For Fire Victims3/27/2015

The North Central Washington Association of REALTORS announced yesterday that they have received two grants totaling $150,000 that they will use to assist victims of the Carlton Complex Fire.

The Carlton Complex Fire impacted hundreds of homeowners who are now seeking an opportunity to rebuild their dream of home ownership.

Communications Director for North Central Washington Association of Realtors, Paul Mares, says the wildfires had such a huge impact on the community, the association just had to do something...


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 Those who lost their primary residence to the Carlton Complex fire are eligible to apply for the grant. Applications are available on the North Central Washington Association of Realtors website at www.ncwar.comand must be submitted by June 30th, 2015.

Manson Parks Hosts Geo Cache Hunt3/27/2015

Manson Parks & Recreation District is getting into the game of Geo Caching next week- with their version of the treasure hunting sport where people use GPS units to find caches that have been hidden.


The Geo Cache Treasure Hunt will begin Monday, March 30th and participants have until Saturday April 4th to submit their findings.


Wai Petersen, Director of Manson Parks, says it all starts by visiting their website at and downloading the scorecard..

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Manson Parks & Recreation District operates 7 parks: Old Mill Park, Singleton Park, Manson Bay Park, Manson Bay Marina, Old Swim Hole, Willow Point Park and Wapato Lake Campground.

For more information on Manson parks & Recreation Geo Cache Treasure Hunt, visit

Still Time To Register For Special Election3/27/2015

With the upcoming Special Election just around the corner, it's time to turn our attention to registeration.


If you are not yet registered, there are several ways to get that done- you can mail in your application, that deadline is Monday.


But, don't let the mail-in deadline slow you down-- there are other ways to get registered to vote.


Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says registering to vote in the state of Washington is pretty easy...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Voter Registration deadlines for the upcoming April 28th Special Election are:


Mail-In-- Monday, March 30 Online—Friday, April 17 walk-in--- Monday, April 20th


For more information on registering to vote, visit

Friday AM News 03/27/153/27/2015

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Deputies Fight Discipline In Open Meeting3/26/2015

Three Chelan County Sheriff Deputies argued before Chelan County Commissioners on Monday- saying they were wrongly disciplined after one of them fired his service firearm into a swimming pool at a party last summer.

The discipline stems from a party on June 23rd at the home of a reserve deputy in Cashmere, who was celebrating his graduation from reserve deputy training.

According to statements made during the stage 2 Grievance Hearing before Commissioners, Deputy Lee Risdon fired several rounds from Deputy Carl Mohn's service weapon into an empty swimming pool to show what would happen when a gun was fired underwater.

The bullets traveled a few feet in the water before sinking to the bottom.

During the hearing, Undersheriff John Wisemore said the three deputies violated alcohol and firearms and ethics policies.

Risdon, a deputy since 2006 was issued a letter of reprimand, given a one-day suspension without pay and had his membership in the SWAT team and his position as reserve coordinator revoked. Mohns, a deputy since 2004 was issued a letter of reprimand and given a one-day suspension without pay. And the third deputy, Dan McCue, a deputy since 2005, was issued a letter of reprimand.

Sheriff Brian Burnett says Chelan County Deputies take an oath and are held to a higher standard...




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 County Commissioners now have 14 days from the day of the hearing to decide if they will overturn the decision.

Manson Fire Chief Wants To Fix Addresses3/26/2015

Chelan County Fire District 5 officials are seeking a $150,000 Fire Prevention and Safety grant to help pay for readdressing Manson parcels.


Currently, address numbers don't match up with emergency dispatch or GPS systems, making it hard to find locations. This problem is not unique to Manson, but, according to Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker, Manson is at the bottom of the pack...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Baker says that the National Standard has left at least 2 thousand parcels in Manson out of the system, which creates problems for the Manson Fire Department....

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Baker knows that the idea of readdressing Manson is not very popular, but adds that it is all in the name of public safety…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 This will be the second attempt at grant funding for the purpose of readdressing Manson.

Distraction Factor In Most Teen Crashes3/26/2015

The most comprehensive research ever conducted into crash videos of teen drivers has found significant evidence that distracted driving is likely much more serious of a problem than previously known, according to the AAA Foundation for Safety.


The unprecedented video analysis finds that distraction was a factor in nearly 6 out of 10 moderate to severe teen crashes, which is four times as many as official estimates on police reports.


AAA Spokesperson, Jennifer Cook, told KOZI News that researchers analyzed the six seconds leading up to a crash in nearly 1,700 videos of teen drivers taken from in-vehicle event recorders...



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 Cook adds that Washington State's Graduated Driver Licensing law, along with a critical role that parents play, will help prevent distracted driving...

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 In Washington State alone, there were 60 deaths resulting from crashes involving a teen driver in 2013.

Thursday AM News 03/26/153/26/2015

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Removal Of Studded Tires Deadline Coming3/25/2015

The shining sun isn't the only sign that winter is over-- it's also officially time to get those winter tires off.

The deadline to remove studded tires is next Tuesday-- March 31st.

And with all this mild weather, Department of transportation officials say, there will not be an extension this, as we have seen in past years.

North Central Region Communications Director for Washington State Department of Transportation, Jeff Adamson, says studded tires have metal cleats in the tread to help promote traction on snow and ice, but use of studs in the summer, when roads are bare is costly...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Adamson adds that because of the damage the studs cause, the Department of Transportation spent many years trying to convince legislatures to pass a bill to outlaw studs entirely...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And, for those who are considering keeping their studs on despite next Tuesday's deadline, Adamson has this analogy...

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 The fine for studded tires after Tuesday, March 31 is $124.

Manson Parks District Puts Levy On Ballot3/25/2015

Ballots for the April 28th Special Election will be mailed out to voters in two weeks, but each of the surrounding three counties in our area will have few items to vote on.

Chelan County voters in the Manson Parks & Recreation District will see a levy that would impose regular property tax levies of 23 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value for three years.

The board of commissioners for the Parks District approved the levy, which is essentially a replacement levy.

Wai Petersen, Manson Parks Director, says the district relies heavily on the funding from these tax dollars...

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 Voters in Okanogan County, within the Methow Valley School District, will see two propositions: a Capital Levy for Health, Safety and Educational improvements for $750 thousand each year for 6 years; and a Levy to purchase new school buses for $400 thousand for two years.

In Douglas County, voters in Ephrata, Quincy and Grand Coulee Dam School Districts will all have a replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy- while voters in Bridgeport School District will decide on a two year Capital Levy for $1.55 per $1000 assessed value.

Ballots for the April 28 Special Election will be mailed out on Wednesday, April 8th.


Wednesday AM News 03/25/153/25/2015

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Chelan Council To Host Cop Appreciation3/24/2015

The Chelan City Council will meet this Thursday, March 26 for a regularly scheduled meeting- with a packed agenda.

City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says the council will have a fair amount of business to take care of during their meeting, but before that happens, they will be hosting a Law Enforcement Appreciation Open House...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 That Law Enforcement Appreciation Open House will begin at 5.

Schmidt says after the Open House and presentation, the council will dive in to what he refers to as “the bread and butter,” starting with a budget amendment...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Chelan City Council will meet this Thursday, March 26th at 6PM with the Law Enforcement Appreciation Open House to begin at 5PM- you are invited and encouraged to attend both.

Omak Student Wins Regional Spelling Bee3/24/2015

The Washington Apple Education Foundation sponsored and organized the North Central Washington Regional Spelling Bee last Thursday, for their fourth consecutive year.


The format ws the traditional spelldown with each student receiving one word per round- those who spelled their words correctly continued on to the next round.


Jeniffer Witherbee, Executive Director for Washington Apple Education Foundation says this year's winner, Ashley Blakemore -an eigtht grader from Omak- is familiar with the Regional Spelling Bee- in fact, she earned a 3rd place finish last year as a 7th grader...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Ashley will receive a six day trip to Washington DC to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, a one-year subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica's online Edition, and a copy of Webster's Third International Dictionary from Merriam-Webster.


The second place winner was Leo Chen – a fifth grader from Oroville Middle School, and third place was Annelise Schmidt- an eighth grader from Foothills Middle School.


The winning word? CONVECTIVE

Local Red Cross Merges W/ Spokane 3/24/2015

In an national push to ward off a projected deficit, the American Red Cross Organization has merged and consolidated many chapters throughout the country- including right here in our region.

The Apple Valley Red Cross was merged in with the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter, based out of Spokane- which now covers a footprint that includes 17 counties in eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Director of the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter, Megan Snow, says the process began nationwide last fall...




"CLICK HERE" for Audio


And, although covering 17 counties may sound overwhelming, Snow says the Red Cross will continue to respond vigorously, providing aid with the help of community volunteers...
"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 When asked about the Carlton Complex Fire, Snow says it left a lasting impression on just how much volunteers can do...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Interested in becoming a volunteer? Visit the website

Monday AM News 03/23/153/23/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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North Cascades Hwy Clearing Underway3/23/2015

State transportation crews began clearing snow from North Cascades Highway one week ago today- and remain optimistic that the scenic highway could be reopened in three weeks, or less.

A stretch of the highway, spanning through 4 counties, including Chelan and Okanogan Counties, has been closed for winter since November 24 because of snow and avalanche danger.

The highway is nearly 5,500 feet in elevation at its highest point and typically opens between late March and early May.

The winter closure runs between Diablo and Mazama, and the annual snow clearing effort takes two state Department of Transportation crews- one working from the west, and the other from the east.

The west side work will begin today.

Work on the east side began last Monday, and Communications Consultant for Washington State Department of Transportation, Jeff Adamson, says crews ran into a little glitch in the first week- but they remain ahead of schedule...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Adamson says the snow blowers used are specially made for this particular job…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

As the clearing moves into avalanche zones, an avalanche crew will join the efforts to monitor the stability of the slopes above the crew down to the highway. 

It's Official- There's A Boys & Girls Club3/23/2015

The new Boys & Girls Club in Brewster is set to open its doors for the first time after school today.

The club will run out of the Columbia Cove Recreation Center and will serve students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Kendal Leaver, Programs Director for the Brewster Club, says today's opening has been highly anticipated...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The push to start a Boys & Girls Club began several years ago by a group of community members, spearheaded by Jon Wyss, who saw the need for additional after school programs for kids in the area and began raising fundraising.

Wyss says that he realized a Boys & Girls Club was possible because of the overwhelming financial support he was seeing for other programs in the region...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And, Wyss adds, the support for the club has been huge...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The new Boys & Girls Club in Brewster is the first in Eastern Washington, and plans to serve kids from surrounding communities.

+ News for the week of March 15, 2015

Muli-Agency Response Leads To Arrests3/20/2015

 Chelan County Sheriff's Office, Washington State Patrol and Douglas County Sheriff's Office worked together in arresting 7 suspects who ran after fleeing stolen car.

Listen to Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal, tell the story...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

CCSO Deputy Aids In NY Fraud Arrest3/20/2015

A New York resident was arrested on Tuesday for theft and fraud thanks to the excellent work of Chelan County Sheriff Deputy, Paul Nelson, after he responded to a report from a woman who sent $18,000 in cash to a New York address.

Sheriff Burnett says the Leavenworth woman received a phone call from the Publishers Clearing house telling her she had won a 1 million dollar prize, but first needed to send $17,000...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Publishers Clearing House website offers these helpful hints to help you protect yourself from fraud and theft: 1. Publishers Clearing House will never notify winners with a phone call. 2. Publishers Clearing House will not send friends requests or private messages on Facebook and 3. You never have to pay anything to claim a prize from Publishers Clearing House.

Friday AM News 03/20/153/20/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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Boys & Girls Club Host Information Night3/19/2015

A new branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs will open its doors in Brewster on Monday, giving kids and parents a new option for safe after-school programs and summer camps. And they are inviting parents to stop in tomorrow to learn more about what they have to offer.

The club will be run out of the Columbia Cove Recreation Center and will serve students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The push to start a Boys & Girls Club began several years ago by a group of community members, spearheaded by Jon Wyss, who saw the need for additional after school programs for kids in the area and began raising fundraising.

Brewster’s new Boys & Girls Club will host a membership drive and informational meeting tomorrow (FRIDAY) from 5pm-7pm for parents who would like to learn more about their services.

Kendal Leaver is the Programs Director for the new club and her enthusiasm for the kick-off is evident as she tells us about the launch date and the parent information night tomorrow…




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Leaver adds that organizers hope that kids from surrounding communities take part in the programs they offer. If you would like to learn more about Brewster’s new Boys & Girls Club call 689-1192.

City of Chelan Purchasing New Parks Office3/19/2015

In a 5-1 vote at their regular meeting last week, the Chelan City Council approved an emergency budget amendment to the tune of $38,000 to replace the parks administration office at the RV Park.

City Administrator, Paul Schmidt says they began having problems with the existing building back in January when the sewer started acting up...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The $38,000 allocated by the Chelan City Council will pay for the new, temporary office as well as removal of the current building.

City officials hope to have the new building up and running by mid-April for the start of RV season.

PUD Looks To Improve Ease For Customers3/19/2015

In an effort to make it easier for customer-owners to do business with Chelan Public Utilities District- employees have established a five-member team to look deeper into changes that may help.

Chelan County Commissioner, Garry Arseneault told KOZI that the team, made up of utility employees, put together a presentation for commissioners that had them looking at the process through the eyes of a customer-owner...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Arseneault adds that the five-member employee team is a great example of employees taking the regns and running with it...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Included in the changes recommended by the employee team include shortening standard forms as well as making payments more convenient.

Deputies Get Training For DV Calls3/19/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Deputies spent time over the past few weeks in an annual in service training at their Emergency Management Office in Wenatchee.

Some of that training was focused on a refresher course for Domestic Violence laws in our state.

Chelan County Sheriff North Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says that domestic violence calls can often be some of their scariest calls to respond to…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 According to the Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence website, between 1997 and 2014, Chelan County had 8 homicides and 2 suicides in domestic violence situations.

Manson Parks Builds Dugouts & Bathroom3/18/2015

The Manson Parks and Recreation District is busy preparing for spring and summer and are particularly busy this week as they wrap up a project at Singleton Park and prepare for another one at Willow Point Park.

Parks Director, Wai Petersen, says they are waiting for permits to start building a new bathroom at Willow Point Park- a project that has been on the radar for quite some time...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Petersen says the plans for the bathroom at Willow Point Park is falling right in line as they wrap up work this week to the new dugouts at Singleton Park...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 And, those dugouts are expected to be finished just in time-- the Manson Trojans Baseball team will be hosting their first game on Saturday, March 21st in a double header against Okanogan.

Chelan's Sand Courts Could See New Life3/18/2015

Local club volleyball director, Des Phelps, has asked the City of Chelan to consider a major revamp to the city owned beach volleyball courts at Don Morse Park.

Phelps would like to see the volleyball courts updated and expanded to accomadate both training and tournaments- adding that currently, the sand courts see little use..

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Phelps says she is asking the city to consider two projects- one would have the 2 current sand courts updated and ready for play, and the other would add 2 additional courts to the venue...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Chelan AAU Sign-Ups Last Day3/18/2015

Today is the last day to sign up for Chelan AAU baseball, softball and T-Ball with the City of Chelan Parks and Recreation Department.

AAU Sports Coordinator, Mike Hearling, told KOZI listeners that there is still time to sign up, despite comments he has heard to the contrary...




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Sign ups can be completed at the Parks Department at 619 West Manson Highway. Office Hours are 8am-5pm.

Tonight's coaches meeting will be held at Morgan Owings Elementary School and will start at 7PM.

Omak Heroin Bust Lands 9 In Jail3/18/2015

A major drug bust in Omak last week ended with nine arrests and 5 children taken into protective custody.

Okanogan County Sheriff, Frank Rogers, says the North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force, has been investigating the two homes involved for a few months...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Charges in the arrests include possession of heroin and methamphetamine with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of firearms.

Sheriff Rogers says that while it is rewarding to take drug dealers in, it continues to be a growing issue...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 All nine adults who were arrested in last week's drug bust are from Okanogan County and range in age from 18-32 years old.

Chelan Butte To Get New PUD Lines3/18/2015

Chelan County PUD is taking advantage of the spring like weather and is busy getting started on a list of outside projects aimed to keep electric service reliable.


Customer Relations Administrator for the PUD, Teka Parks, says one of the projects lined up for this spring is the replacement of about a half mile of overhead line here in chelan...





"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Parks says that also on the docket for Chelan County PUD is part of an underground cable replacement program on Navarre Coulee Road near the Lake Chelan State Park...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Chelan County PUD also would like to remind customer-owners that Monday, March 23rd is the last day to comment on the PUD's new strategic plan- visit, call or stop in to let them know what you think.

Wednesday AM News 03/18/153/18/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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Entiat Waterfront Business District Project3/17/2015

The Entiat City Council heard a proposal presentation from developer Nick Warner at their regular council meeting last Thursday, as the city prepares to improve the 12-acres of undeveloped land along the Columbia River it purchased from Chelan County PUD in 2010.

The upgrade was split into two phases- the first included 1 mile of waterfront trail, the restoration of habitat along the shorelind, instalation of trail lights, benches and trashcans as well as a parking lot complet with restroooms. Phase 1 was completed in 2012.

Entiat is now ready to move on to phase 2: a 40-slip marina with a fueling and pump-out station.

Mayor, Kieth Vradenburg, told KOZI that Warner's presentation caught the attention of the council members as they continue to improve the Entiat Waterfront Business District...















"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Warner's proposal offered the city a trade- he would construct much of the $4 million marina project in exchange for permission to build his commercial development that would potentially bring retail business, short term rental, condominium and possibly a hotel.

The City of Entiat City Council will meet again with Warner on April 9thto fine tune his proposal for future consideration.

Bridgeport Mayor Continues To Settle In3/17/2015

It has been 6-months since Janet Conklin was sworn in as the Mayor for Bridgeport after voters recalled former mayor, Marilyn Lynn in a June 3, 2014 election.


Conklin, then mayor pro tem, took on the role until the council officially appointed her as mayor for the remainder of the term.


Mayor Conklin admits that the transition has taken some time...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 She shares some of the projects that the Bridgeport City Council has been working on, including a recent $5 million sewer upgrade...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The Bridgeport City Council meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, making the next meeting Wednesday, March 25 at 7 pm in council chambers at the Bridgeport City Hall.

Tuesday AM News 03/17/153/17/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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Deputies Arrest Man Making Death Threats3/16/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Deputies arrested a 34 year old man in Manson on Friday after he made threats against law enforcement.

Deputy Brett Peterson, said the suspect placed a 911 call to Rivercom shortly before noon on Friday and told dispatchers he was on his way to Lake Chelan with the intention to kill law enforcement…




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The suspect was booked into Chelan County Regional Jail on charges of making death threats and second degree malicious mischief.



Hendricks Reflects On Years Of Coaching3/16/2015

Longtime Chelan High volleyball coach, Donene Hendricks has resigned after 22 years, leaving quite a legacy for area volleyball in which she led the Lady Goats to 12 state appearances and their first ever state title in 2010.


Coach Hendricks told KOZI that she has been contemplating retirement for a while, admitting that the decision was not an easy one…




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 While she is stepping aside, Coach Hendricks said she will always cherish her time coaching for Chelan, and when asked to reflect on the highlights of her career, she had no trouble coming up with several favorite memories…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 In an email to KOZI, Chelan high School Athletic Director, Rob Rainville stated that in her 22 years with the Chelan Volleyball Program, Donene Hendricks made 12 state appearances, 5 times into the Championship game and winning a state title in 2010. She also lead her teams to 9 league championships, 7 district championships and 3 regional championships and had 11 players go on to play college volleyball.

State Route Clearing Starts Today3/16/2015

The annual effort to reopen the State Route 20, also known as North Cascades Highway, will begin today.

The highway is the northernmost route across the Cascade Mountain Range- and is part of the Cascade Loop- a 400-mile driving tour through the Cascades.

Washington State Department of Transportation closes the highway each year to licensed motor vehicles between Diablo Gate and the United States Forest Service Early Winters Information Center –which is 6 miles west of Mazama.

WSDOT North Central Region Spokesman, Jeff Adamson, says this year's opening of the North Cascades Highway is a little unusual...









"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Last year, the highway clearing began on March 31 and the highway opened on May 8th- which, Adamson says, is later than usual.

Adamson says the earliest opening for the North Cascades Highway came about 10 years ago, but the celebration was short lived...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Adamson says today’s start to clearing North Cascades Highway will begin from the east side- with the west side to start up in a week...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Snow at the summit of Washington Pass measured only 5 feet over the center highway, about half the depth of last year.

Monday AM News 03/16/153/16/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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+ News for the week of March 08, 2015

Chelan County K9 Unit Strong & Growing3/13/2015

Today is National K9 Veteran’s Day.

That is, if you happen to live in one of the 13 cities or states that recognizes the holiday.

Washington is not one of those states – but KOZI was curious about the K-9’s close to home and tracked down Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Bruce Long, who manages the K-9 team.

Sergeant Long told us that his unit has 4 working dogs…




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 A dog’s sense of smell is about 50 times more sensitive than a human’s. That, says Sergeant Long, is just one of the reasons the K-9’s make such a great fit for the job…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 In fact, that very scenario recently played out just a few weeks ago when a suspect lead several law enforcement agencies on a vehicle pursuit through Chelan and Douglas Counties before entering into Okanogan County.

Sergeant Long says the car hit spike strips, causing it to crash near Pateros…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has purchased all 4 dogs with donations and plans to add one more to the unit in the near future.

Local Volleyball Club On Winning Streak3/12/2015

Local high school basketball teams are not the only ones turning heads throughout the state.

A newly formed volleyball club, based out of Chelan, is not going unnoticed by competitors as they continue to win in tournaments around the state.

The club Director, Des Phelps, hosted try-outs in November and admits that she was pleasently surprised by the number of girls who showed up...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The teams are made up of athletes from Chelan, Manson, Brewster, Methow Valley and Wenatchee and, according to Phelps, they are winning...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The club name is KAHIAU (KAW-HE-OW), and Phelps explains that she chose the name because it fit...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio


You can follow the Chelan based USA volleyball club on their website at WWW.KAHIAUVBC.ORG

Warm Weather Means Early Buds3/12/2015

The unusually mild weather we have seen early in the new year, is good news for orchardists- as long as it lasts.

That's the message coming from Nic Lloyd- a meteorolgist for Washington State University Ag Weather Net.

The Ag network operates 160 automated weather stations throughout Washington and Oregon, including 11 in Chelan and Douglas counties.

Lloyd explains that the temperatures we are seeing are the warmest he has seen since record-keeping began 25 years ago...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Just a reminder that an orchardist's ever-changing growing season schedule is driven by Mother Nature- not the calendar.

Local Firecrew Climbs 69 Flights For Cancer3/12/2015

Six Chelan Fire & Rescue firefighters participated in the 24th annual Scott Stairclimb last weekend to help raise money to fight Leukemia. They joined nearly 2 thousand other firefighters from 26 states and five countries in climbing 69 flights of stairs to the top f the Columbia Center in Seattle.

Chelan County Fire District 7 Lieutenant Pat Moore, tells us that it is all for a great cause...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The firefighters start by raising funds through sponsorships, as well as their annual pancake breakfast, before suiting up in full bunker gear with air-packs to make the trip up more than 1300 steps.

And Lieutenant Moore, who participated this year for his 10th time, admits that there is some friendly competition amongst neighboring districts, but most participants are focused on their own goal...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 We have photos of the local firefighters who participated in the event on our website at

Thursday AM News 03/12/153/12/2015

Click below for this mornings news report:

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WSP Looking For Witnesses In Fatal Crash3/11/2015

The Washington State Patrol is investigating the fatality collision that occurred on March 5th and is seeking witnesses to the events leading up to the accident, or the accident itself.

Washington State Patrol Trooper, Darren Wright, said the collision took place at approximately 8:15 am last Thursday...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Trooper Wright went on to explain how the specialty unit called the Major Accident Investigation Team conducts the initial investigation...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Trooper Wright says a collision investigation revealed that the driver of the box truck was involved in another accident dating back to February of 2014....

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 If you have any information about the March 5th fatality collision, or know someone who does, please contact Detective Dan Richmond at 509-682-8142.

Running From The Cops3/11/2015

It was a case of cop– phobia, when Chelan County Sheriff's Deputy, Brent Patterson, found himself in the midst of a foot chase yesterday in Chelan shortly before noon.


Deputy Patterson told KOZI News that the pursuit began when a 25-year-old man caught sight of his patrol car and started to run...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

The man was released- and in Deputy Patterson's book, the incident ended well...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Methow School Board Considers Levy3/11/2015

The Methow School District Facilities Task Force has recommended a Capital Projects Levy as well as a Transportation Vehicle Fund Levy to fund an established list of projects and transportation needs.


The Task Force consists of 20 stakeholders from throughout the community who have been engaged in the year long process.


Methow Valley School Superintendent, Tom Venable, said the Facilities Task Force closely examined school facilities and identified fiscal improvements needed to both maintain and improve school facilities as well as the aging bus fleet...






"CLICK HERE" for Audio

With that list of improvements in hand, the Facilities Task Force facilitated a public meeting, and sent out a brochure to every household in the district in an effort to gather feedback that helped shape the final recommendation for a Capital Projects Levy and a Transportation Vehicle Fund as the funding mechanisms.


Superintendent Venable says the Task Force's choice of a levy over a bond came down to the amount of interest...

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The Methow Valley School District will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30 PM to decide if the Capital Projects Levy and the Transportation Vehicle Fund levy will make it on the April 28th ballot.

Sheriff Gjesdal Talks Crime In Bridgeport3/11/2015

Douglas County Sheriff Deputies continue to investigate the drive-by shooting that occurred last week in Bridgeport after a resident heard what he thought were loud knocks on the door of his camper, but turned out to be gunshots.

The shooting last week occurred in the Foster Creek area in Bridgeport- and, although drive-by shootings are not new to the Bridgeport area, according to Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal, this one is alarming...

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 Sheriff Gjesdal admits that Bridgeport is becoming known for their high crime rate- but emphasizes that Bridgeport citizens are primarily law-abiding citizens who are left to deal with the impact of the often violent criminals in the area...

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Sheriff Gjesdal asks anyone who has any information on last week's drive-by shooting in Bridgeport to call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office at 884-0941.

Wednesday AM News 03/11/153/11/2015

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Tyee Ridge On List For Prescribed Burns3/10/2015

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest fire specialists may begin spring burning operations on the Entiat Ranger District as early as today and into late spring – weather and conditions permitting.

Aaron Rowe, Assistant Fire Management Officer for the Entiat District, told KOZI News that they have about 1300 acres of under-burning- primarily in the lower Tyee Ridge area...

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Rowe explains that the prescribed burns will be ignited by Forest Service personnel who will be carrying drip torches to start fires...

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All Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest controlled burns are weather-dependent- with primary concerns including favorable winds that can minimize smoke impacts to public health and risk of fire escape.

For more information on the Entiat Ranger District prescribed burn program, call 784-4700.

Tuesday AM News 03/10/153/10/2015

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Stayman Flats Structure Fire Destroys Home3/9/2015

A mobile home burned to the ground late Saturday afternoon, about 10 miles south of Chelan on Stayman Flats Road.

District 8 Fire Chief, Mike Asher, says the blaze was a rekindle of a fire from the night before...

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 About 3 hours after the resident left home, a neighbor noticed smoke and called 9-1-1.

Chief Asher says that by the time first responders arrived to the scene, the mobile home was fully engulfed in flames, putting the firefighters into defensive mode...

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 Chief Asher was also quick to thank the surrounding districts that also responded to Saturday's blaze...

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Chelan Fire & Rescue To Award Tender Bid3/9/2015

Chelan County Fire District 7 Commissioners will meet on Wednesday. The agenda includes sifting through and awarding the surplus sale of an old tender truck, reviewing volunteer surveys and locking in an agreement with Lake Chelan Community Hospital for Services.

Fire Chief, Tim Lemon, says the agreement with the hospital is something the commissioners review every two years...

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Wednesday's Chelan Fire and Rescue Commissioners Meeting Agenda also includes an executive Session to consider the selection of a site or the acquisition of real estate by lease or purchase. Chief Lemon explains...

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Chelan County Fire District 7 Commissioners meeting will be this Wednesday, March 11th at 4 PM at the Chelan Fire Station at 232 East Wapato.

Join us at 8:10 Thursday morning when we have Fire Chief, Tim Lemon in studio to tell us how that meeting went.

Snowmobile Gates Opening early3/9/2015

Tonasket, WA — With this year’s early thaw and warm temperatures, some of the snowmobile gates are opening early on Tonasket Ranger District roads.

Each year the Tonasket Ranger District implements winter road closures to maintain deer winter range and snowmobile routes.  Those closures typically expire March 31. 

“Many roads are already snow free and a lot of others will likely be free of snow and firmed up by mid-March,” said Matt Marsh, Wildlife Biologist for the Tonasket Ranger District.

US Forest Service personnel will continue to monitor snow levels and road conditions; opening roads and removing barricades as conditions permit.

Information about Forest Service Road conditions is available online at and by calling Tonasket Ranger District at 509-486-2186.

Chelan AAU Sign Up3/9/2015

City of Chelan AAU Spring Sports Sign Up

Baseball, softball, and Tee-ball registrations for grades Kindergarten through 6th.

Cost: $25 for grades K-2 and $35 for grades 3-6th
Additional $17 if you don’t have an AAU card.
Coaches meeting Wednesday March 18th
Sign up thru Tuesday March 17th.
MOE 7:00pm, room 201.

For more information call Chelan Parks 682-8023 or Mike Haerling, evenings at 670-0180.

Monday AM News 03/09/153/9/2015

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