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+ News for the week of July 05, 2015

+ News for the week of June 28, 2015

Emergency Firework Bans In Place7/2/2015

Chelan County is the latest jurisdiction to enact an emergency fireworks ban for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend for unincorporated Chelan County.

Chelan County Commissioner, Keith Goehner, says the commissioners met earlier this week with local officials to discuss the possibility of enacting the ban…

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 On the heels of the Chelan County Ban, the Cities of Entiat, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Cashmere all followed suit-.

The discharge of fireworks was already banned in the City of Chelan.

And, although he acknowledges that the ban is certainly necessary, Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, admits that enforcement will not be easy…

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 Commissioner Goehner agrees…

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Sleepy Hollow: 83%, Monument: 50%7/2/2015

Joe Anderson, a Public Information Officer for the Sleepy Hollow and Monument fires, gives KOZI an update on both of those fires...


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 Anderson says that looking ahead, one of the biggest concerns is the expected heat...

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PUD Works On Customer Wish List7/2/2015

Earlier this year, Chelan County PUD Commissioners asked the public to help identify ways to boost quality of life in Chelan County through a Public Power Benefit program, which led to the newly adopted strategic plan.


George Valasquez, Strategic Project Manager for Chelan County PUD, says the plan calls for providing some new public power benefits to its customer-owners…




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 In the Chelan County PUD’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2019- priorities include:


Reinvesting in Physical Assets and People

Reducing Debt by About $350 Million

Initiating Investment of Public Power Benefits

Campfire Restriction Level Increases7/2/2015

 Continuing hot, dry weather and increasing fire danger has prompted the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest to implement expanded restrictions on the use of campfires on national forest lands in Chelan County. 


Effective immediately no campfires are allowed in either the Entiat, and Chelan ranger districts. 


Forest Supervisor Mike Williams said,  “The explosive growth of recent wildfires in Wenatchee and near Mansfield is an indication of how dry conditions are.  We ask all national forest users to comply with the new campfire restrictions.”


For those recreating on National Forest lands in Okanogan County, campfire are allowed only in designated campgrounds, wilderness areas and specially designated recreation residence or special use sites.


Initial campfire restrictions on the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF were implemented June 12.  They were expanded on June 17 and again on June 23.

“We will implement additional campfire restrictions as needed as fire danger increases in areas of the national forest where campfires are currently permitted,” Williams said. 


Forest visitors should always check to see what restrictions are in place before traveling to the national forest. 

Contact any Okanogan-Wenatchee NF office for up-to-date campfire restriction information.





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Thursday AM News 07-02-157/2/2015

Here is this morning's news with Jay Witherbee on KOZI


TUNE IN TOMORROW!  7am on KOZI FM: 100.9  *  103.1  *  93.5 

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Chelan County Says No To Fireworks7/1/2015

 Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett reports on a recent meeting and action item which was unanimously approved by the Chelan County Commissioners June 30, 2015. Pursuant to Chelan County Code 7.52.010 and upon the recommendation of the Sheriff, the NCW Fire Chief’s Association and declaration of the Governor of the State of Washington that Chelan County is a drought County and based on the recent fire event, given moisture content of fuels in the County, the Commission declares Chelan County a hazardous fire area. This action taken by the Chelan Commissioners creates restrictions to the unincorporated areas of Chelan County, specifically to Fireworks and Open burning.


Chelan County Code 7.52.030 further describes specific provisions of this chapter which apply to all areas designated as high fire danger on which area activity restrictions have been placed: (Emphasis added)


1(A) Fireworks Prohibited. No person shall use fireworks in a high fire danger area. (Now designated as all unincorporated areas of Chelan County)

(B) Open Flame Devices. No person shall operate or use any device liable to start or cause fire in or upon any high fire danger area, except by the authority of a written permit from the appropriate fire protection agency; provided, however, that no permit will be required if such use is within a habited premises or area directly related thereto.

2 Motorized Vehicles. No person shall operate any motorized vehicles off the roadway in a designated high fire danger area.

3 Outdoor Fires. No person shall build, ignite, or maintain any outdoor fire of any kind or character, or for any purpose whatsoever, in or upon any high fire danger area, except by the authority of a written permit from the appropriate fire protection agency. No permit will be required for outdoor fires within habited premises or designated campsites where such fires may be built in a permanent barbecue, portable barbecue, outdoor fireplace, incinerator, or grill. Such a permit shall incorporate such terms and conditions which will reasonably safeguard public safety and property. Regardless of permit, however, no person shall build, ignite or maintain any outdoor fire in or upon a high fire danger area under the following conditions:


(A) When conditions contribute to the spread of fire;

(B) When there is no person present at all times to watch and capable of tending such fire;

(C) Such times as public announcement is made that there shall be no open burning; and

(D) No person shall use any permanent barbecue, portable barbecue, outdoor fireplace, incinerator or grill for the disposal of rubbish, trash or combustible material.

7.52.060 indicates, “Anyone violating the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars and/or ninety days in jail.”



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Rd 6 Fire Near Mansfield is 50% Contained7/1/2015


Road 6 (Withrow) Fire Update: I drove to Mansfield today and talked with the incident commander regarding the fire. It is 3,578 acres with a 17 mile perimeter. It is 50% contained and a bulldozer has been brought in to close up holes in the fire line. The fire is only a few miles west of Jameson Lake but not really moving at this time. There are 5 strike teams on scene including firefighters from Spokane County, Clark County, Stevens County, and Benton County. The incident commander felt their efforts to fully contain the fire are going well. There are no reported injuries or property damage.


 State fire assistance has been mobilized under the Washington State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan in support of local firefighters working to contain the Road 6 Fire near the city of Mansfield.  Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste authorized the mobilization of state firefighting resources on June 29, 2015, at 9:00 pm at the request of Douglas County Fire District 5.


The fire started at approximately 4:00 pm on June 29, 2015.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.  The fire has grown to an estimated 2,000 acres.  Three homes, a ranch, standing wheat and livestock are threatened. No evacuation orders have been established. 


Mobilization specialists from the Fire Protection Bureau have ordered 25 engines and a Type 3 Incident Management Team to supplement the resources already fighting the fire.


The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Camp Murray has been activated to Phase III to coordinate state assistance for the Road 6 Fire and other fires in the state.  Personnel from the Office of the State Fire Marshal will be on scene to coordinate dispatch of resources, and other personnel will staff the State EOC.


Under the State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan, the Fire Protection Bureau coordinates the initial dispatch and continued administrative oversight of resources and personnel for the duration of the incident.  The Mobilization Plan is implemented to provide a process to quickly notify, assemble and deploy fire service personnel, equipment and other resources from around the state when fires, disasters or other events exceed the capacity of local jurisdictions. 

Sleepy Hollow Now 47% Contained7/1/2015

 Evacuation Information:

Evacuation levels have been reduced to Level 1; some road closures remain in effect.



Basic Information

Current as of 6/30/2015, 7:56:59 PM
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Under Investigation - Dnr
Date of Origin Sunday June 28th, 2015 approx. 12:00 AM
Location In the northwest portion of the city of Wenatchee, northwest to Monitor, WA.
Incident Commander Nathan Rabe - WAIMT2

Current Situation

Total Personnel 336
Size 2,950 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 47%
Fuels Involved

Short grass (1 foot), Brush (2 feet)

Significant Events

Minimal, smoldering


Planned Actions

Complete control line construction, mop up around structures, and completed control line, stabilize commercial structures.

Projected Incident Activity

12-24 hours: If fire lines hold, the fire will continue to consume around structures that have not been mopped up. Should a spot fire occur, the fire is expected to spread 100+ feet per minute.

48 hours: Firelines secured - All hot spots within the fireline have been mopped up or fuels have been consumed.


The damage to the three commercial structures is a significant economic loss to the community. Also, the closure of the railroad tracks is causing a backup of rail traffic.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

Cold front passage this evening that could bring strong gusty northwest winds from 6:00 pm to midnight. Weather will get hotter and drier as the week progresses.

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Monument Hill Fire Near Quincy 2K Acres7/1/2015


Burning about 3.5 miles northeast of Quincy Washington

Reported at 10:51 p.m. Tuesday June 30, 2015

Burning in dry sage brush and grasses – heavy fuel

Driven by 10-15 mph winds

Size as of 0300 hrs 7/1: 2,000 acres

2% containment

Area and terrain: Agricultural, rural, some steep terrain. Farmland and vineyards.

Level 3 evacuation for about two dozen residents

Evacuation shelter opened at Quincy Junior High School

Five structures lost: all described as outbuildings or abandoned buildings. No homes lost.

No casualties

State Fire Mobilization has been approved

Cause not yet known


Chelan Man Wrecks Bike During Pursuit7/1/2015

A 21-year old Chelan resident was taken to the hospital last night after leading law enforcement on a high speed chase that ended near the intersection of Main and Woodin in Chelan after the driver lost control and crashed.


Washington State Trooper, Darren Wright, says James Brose, of Chelan, was attempting to elude law enforcement when he failed to negotiate a left hand curve, leaving the roadway to the right.


He says the incident began just before 6PM last night...





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The cause of the accident is listed as Speed Too Fast, and Brose is being charged with Felony Eluding.

Sleepy Hollow Red Cross Helps Hundreds7/1/2015

The Red Cross shelter at Eastmont High School, which opened after evacuation orders were announced due to the Sleepy Hollow Fire.

Megan Snow, Director of the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross, says that volunteers typically stay closely connected with Emergency Management officials, and as the fire evolved, they began preparing to help victims.

She says they received the call on Sunday evening...











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 Snow says that volunteers were ready to launch the shelter quickly, because that is what the Red Cross does on a day to day basis: Prepare...

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 How can you help? Snow says why not volunteer....

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 Visit their website at

Pair of Ordinances Get New Penalties7/1/2015

The Chelan City Council approved adjustments to two city ordinances at their meeting last week, aimed at making enforcement easier, and the punishment more effective.


The council dropped the criminal offense charges and made both the noise ordinance and bridge jumping ordinance offenses civil.


City of Chelan Council member, Guy Harper, says the noise ordinance was one they had problems with, especially in the summer months...




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 Harper explains that council also approved changes to the punishment for jumping off the bridges...

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City of Chelan officials will be in studio on Friday, July 3rd to discuss the most recent city business. They will be on air, live shortly after 8AM on Friday.

Wednesday AM News 07-01-157/1/2015

 This morning's news with Jay Witherbee on KOZI. Listen live on 100.9 *  103.1 * 93.5 *



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Heat Advisory in Effect7/1/2015


Heat Advisory in effect Thursday afternoon thru Friday for Okanogan and Chelan Valley












Tuesday AM News 06-30-156/30/2015

 This morning's news with Jay Witherbee-- Listen live at 7AM on KOZI FM:  100.9 * 103.1 * 93.5



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Manson Fire Chief Wants Fireworks Ban6/29/2015

As Fire Officials across the state stress the importance of practicing safe, responsible use of fireworks while celebrating the Fourth of July—Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker, is singing a slightly different tune.


He wants to ban them altogether…





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 Chelan County ordinance states that the sale of fireworks will be allowed on July 1st- 4th from 10AM – 9PM.


Discharge of fireworks will be allowed on Friday, July 3rd and Friday, July 4th from 1PM until 11:59PM.


The City of Chelan is the only city in Chelan County that has banned the sale as well as the discharge of fireworks.


Okanogan County has also banned the sale and discharge of fireworks. 

Old Chamber Building Lease - WATV Use6/29/2015

In a bill that went into effect in 2014, the use of wheeled all terrain vehicles on county roads with a speed limit of 35 MPH or lower.


In their meeting last week, the Chelan City Council passed an ordinance that will allow WATV use on city streets- a move that Chelan City Councilmember, Guy Harper says will catch Chelan up with surrounding cities and counties…


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To become street legal, ATV’s must have headlights, taillights, brake lights, reflectors, turn signals, mirrors, horn, spark arrester and muffling device, a windshield and, of course, seatbelts.


Perhaps sparking the most discussion at last week’s council meeting was what to do with the city owned building on the corner of Johnson and Columbia- familiar as the old Chamber of Commerce building.

Harper says the extra discussion stems from the many options council had to choose from…

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Chelan City Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday’s of each month- with the next meeting Thursday, July 9th at 6PM. We will have city officials in studio this Friday shortly after 8AM to discuss city business and give us a preview of that meeting.

Latest Update On Sleepy Hollow Fire6/29/2015

 Jay Witherbee has the latest update on the Sleepy Hollow Fire burning in Wenatchee

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Friday AM News 06-29-156/29/2015

 This morning's news with Jay Witherbee - Be sure to tune in to KOZI FM 100.9 * 103.1 * 93.5 for the latest news on the fires burning near Wenatchee:


Sleepy Hollow Fire


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+ News for the week of June 21, 2015

Get To Know Your Firework Laws6/25/2015

With the 4th of July just a little more than a week away, folks across the state are preparing to light up the skies with fireworks.

But, before you set off those roman candles, or even the sparklers, law enforcement officials want to make sure you know the rules.

For instance:

According to the 2014 Washington State Patrol Fireworks Related Injury and Fire Report, there were 155 fires resulting in $320,240 in property loss caused by fireworks last year.

Chelan County Sheriff, Chief of Patrol, Dave Helvey says his departments first line of concern on a year like this, is fire danger- and is stocking up staff to help with enforcement...




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 Helvey also stressed the high number of injuries, and even deaths from fireworks.

Last June, a man was killed at a fireworks factory in Tenino, when static electricity caused a public display shell to ignite as he loaded them into a truck.

In July, a Shelton teen died from injuries he sustained after a lit consumer firework tipped over and struck him.

There were another 277 firework related injuries reported in Washington State last year, alone.

Helvey expresses the importance of following firework code as well as firework safety...

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 According to the Chelan County Fireworks Ordinance, common fireworks that are permitted to be sold by retailers within the unincorporated Chelan County may be discharged only on the following dates and times: between 1:00PM and 11:59PM on July 3rd and 4thand between the hours of 6PM December 31st and 1AM on January 1st.

For more of the Chelan County Fireworks Ordinance, visit the Chelan County website and see chapter 7.44.

Saul Gallegos Memorial Run Breaks Record6/25/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says this year was a record breaker for the Saul Gallegos Memorial Run, held last Saturday...



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 Huddleston says organizers are already looking ahead to next year and have some changes in the works already...

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 Top finishers in last weekend's Saul Gallegos Memorial Run for the 5K were: in 10th to 1st place:

Dan Dufner, Alex Friedrich, Brian Blair, Rich Magnussen, David Gunsaulus, Alejandro Artigus, Lucas McComas, Joe Morrison, Paul Friedrich and finishing in first place was Mark Friedrich with a time of 17 minutes and 57 seconds.


In the 10K- 10th to 1st place finishers were: Michelle Lytle, Catherine Willard, Jordan Ensey, Tim Danner, Cameron Wood, DeAndra England, Molly Gwinn, David Katzer, Bailey Cameron and finishing in first place for the 10K was Doug Wood with a time of 38 min. 09 seconds.

Riverwalk Park Entrance Improvements6/25/2015

The Chelan City Council will meet tonight, and among other business, council will be considering temporary improvements to the Riverwalk Park entrance way.


City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says the improvements are part of a standing

agreement with the Chelan County Public Utilities District, and is designed to fulfill a promise...




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Tonight's council meeting will begin at 6PM in council chambers at Chelan City Hall- and remember, we will have City Officials in studio tomorrow morning shortly after 8AM to give us a run down of what takes place tonight.

Bridge Jumping & Noise Penalty Changes6/25/2015

The Chelan City Council meets Thursday for their regular meeting- and kicking off the business portion with a special presentation of a check through the City's Wellness Program.

City of Chelan Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says many jurisdictions get health insurance through the Association of Washington Cities- who offers a wellness Program, and is looking forward to presenting the council with a check for $11,947...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 In addition to the special presentation, the council will be tackling a handful of ordinances, resolutions and other items, including amendments to the Public Disturbance Noise Ordinance and the Jumping or Diving from Bridges Ordinance.

Schmidt says as we head into what is known as a heavy noise complains season, the Public Safety Committee took a deeper look at both ordinances, and recommended a few changes.

He says the recommendation does not change the current ordinance a great extent, as far as how its enforced, but it does change the penalty...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Schmidt says when it comes to the bridge jumping ordinance, it too will go from a criminal offense to civil offense...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Thursday's Chelan City Council meeting will start at 6PM in Council Chambers at City Hall- and be sure to tune into KOZI Friday morning, when city officials will be in studio to go over that meeting.

Memorial Fund For John Uttech Family6/23/2015

A memorial Fund has been established for the family of former Chelan residents after 14-year old Iris Kelley drowned in the Sacramento River last Friday.


John Uttech (YOU-TEK), of Chelan, and his wife currently live in Mount Shasta, California and on Friday, their daughter, 14-year old Iris Kelley was swimming with friends in the river, when the girl reportedly went under some rapids and never resurfaced.


Emergency crews recovered the girl's body nearly five hours later on Friday evening at 7:45.

An account has since been set up locally, in Chelan, to help pay for funeral costs. If you would like to donate to the fund, visit any Wheatland Bank Branch.



If you would like the address to send the John Uttech Family well wishes and/or cards- visit the KOZI website at, and click on the Uttech Family Fund.

John Uttech

PO Box 244

Mt Shasta CA 96067

What's Next For Old Chamber Building6/23/2015

The Chelan City Council will meet this Thursday for a regularly scheduled meeting, and City officials are hoping for some direction on what to do with the city owned old Chamber of Commerce Building located on the corner of Johnson Ave and Columbia Street.


The decision on what to do with the building has been a topic of discussion for months- and after a Finance Committee Meeting last month brought to the forefront that there is more than one option.


The building has been vacant since the Chamber moved out in April.

Chelan's City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says council wills e a proposal at their meeting on Thursday with four different options for their consideration...



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Thursday's Chelan City Council meeting is set to begin at 6PM in Council Chambers in City Hall on Johnson Avenue. You are, as always, invited and encouraged to attend.


We will have City officials in studio Friday morning shortly after 8AM to recap that meeting.

Commissioners Look At Shoreline Plan6/23/2015

The Chelan County Commissioners, will host a special joint meeting with the Planning Commission today to conduct a workshop pertaining to the Draft Shoreline Master Program.


The Shoreline Master Programs are local land use policies and regulations designed to manage shoreline use. These local programs protect natural resources for future generations, provide for public access to public waters and shores, and plan for water-dependent uses. They are created in partnership with local community and Ecology, and must comply with the state Shoreline Management Act and Shoreline Master Program Guidelines.


Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England, says the Shoreline Master Program requires more than 260 state entities to be updated to create a positive future for the states shorelines- but they are a few years behind their goal...





"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The state of Washington has about 28,000 miles of shorelines.

Tuesday AM News 06-23-156/23/2015

 Today's morning news with Ken Johanson on KOZI - Tune in at 7am, noon and 5pm for the regualr news update-- 100.9 * 103.1 * 93.5 FM



DOE Collects Air Samples From Chelan6/22/2015

The Department of Ecology will be placing air sampling units around the Chevron station in downtown Chelan this week as part of an ongoing clean-up plan of a petroleum leak from decades ago.


The clean up effort stems from a petroleum leak that the left about 300,000 gallons of pollutants in the aquifer below the station.


The seeping petroleum was stopped in the 80’s, but not before fuel contaminated surrounding soils and the water below portions of East Woodin Avenue, South Emerson Street and Sanders Street.


Since then, the Department of Ecology has stepped in to lead the way in mitigation and clean-up agreements…




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 This week’s air samples could lead to a new plan between the Department of Ecology and Chevron that would replace the current plan set to finish clean up in 20-30 years to a much swifter clean up that would last no more than 10 years.

Chelan Fire & Rescue Swimmer Program 6/22/2015

Multi-agency collaboration is not a new development – and for years its importance has been recognized by professionals across the board.

And, that is no different for Chelan County Fire & Rescue- who provides several services in support of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.

One such service is the Water Rescue Program through Chelan 7 Fire & Rescue.

The program was started after now Fire Chief Tim Lemon came on board and completed a complete risk assessment.

Chief Lemon says the assessment covered everything from structural fires to wild land fires, vehicle extrication and water rescue…




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 Lemon says the risk assessment showed the importance of having rescue swimmers in the community ready to respond to emergencies, and Chelan Fire and Rescue began the 2-step process…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Lemon adds that soon after training and education began, the Rescue Swimmer Program added Marine 71- as a platform to support the rescue swimmers in the water…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Chelan Fire & Rescue has 7 career staff as well as a handful of volunteers who have received rescue swimmer certification.

Chelan Takes On LED Light Maintenance6/22/2015

Chelan City Council approved an amendment at their last council meeting, on Thursday, June 11th, that will save the city $90,000 a year.


When the city retrofitted their lights with an LED system- the contract called for the Chelan County PUD to supply maintenance.


But, City of Chelan, Public Works director, Dwayne VanEpps, says it didn’t take long for the city to realize that they could save money by maintaining the LED light system themselves…

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The PUD Street Light agreement amendment takes effect immediately.

Monday, AM News 06-22-156/22/2015

+ News for the week of June 14, 2015

Saul Gallegos Memorial Run Tomorrow6/19/2015

Tomorrow is the 10th Annual Saul Gallegos Memorial Run at Singleton Park in Manson.

There are several ways to register: online at, at Campbell's Resort today, or tomorrow morning at Singleton Park before the run begins.


Deputy Saul Gallegos was a Chelan County Sheriff's Office Deputy, shot and killed in the line of duty on June 26, 2003. Deputy Gallegos pulled over a man suspected of driving on a suspended license on State Route 150 in Manson when the suspect fled before engaging in a violent struggle that ultimately ended with Gallegos being shot twice.


The suspect was arrested three days later and eventually found guilty of aggravated first degree murder.


Chelan County Sergeant, Rob Huddleston says the Saul Gallegos Memorial Run was launched in 2006- and has grown to include several options for all walkers and runners...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Saul left behind his wife, Maria and their four sons- who are growing up fast.

Huddleston explained that proceeds from the annual Memorial Run go towards the college education for the Gallegos boys...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 If you would like to sign up to participate in the 10th annual Saul Gallegos Memorial Run, stop in at Campbell's Resort today, or register online at There are also donation forms online if you would like to donate without participating in the run itself.

Nissa Burger Honored By Sec. of State6/19/2015

Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, along with his staff, traveled to SeaTac last week where Nissa Burger, Chelan County's Elections Director, was honored with the Voter Outreach Award.


Nissa has worked in Chelan County Elections since 2002, and, Auditor Skip Moore, says Nissa was chosen by Secretary of State Kim Wyman and awarded the honor during the state's Elections Conference...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The Elections Conference and awards ceremony brought county auditors and elections officials together from all over the state to learn and share ideas and practices that help them run better elections.


Congratulations, Nissa Burger--- job well done!

Changes Coming For Local RSN6/19/2015

Chelan County Commissioners met earlier this week to discuss recent developments to required changes to the current Chelan-Douglas Regional Support Network.


Regional Support Networks are in charge of distributing Medicaid funds to mental healthcare providers, but a new law requires the integration of all healthcare services for Medicaid and other state funded insurance programs.


When state agencies said Chelan-Douglas RSN wasn't overseeing a large enough population, the board attempted to merge with Greater Columbia RSN, but that was rejected- and is now trying to avoid the idea of merging with Spokane RSN.


Now the board is looking at a new, promising possibility- taking the fast track to early integration of mental health with physical health and substance abuse treatment - and skipping the middle step of merging with a larger Regional Support Network.


Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England, says they now have a neighboring county that wants to jump on board..



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Chelan-Douglas Regional Support Network (RSN) provides, through service contracts, comprehensive and culturally sensitive mental health services for adults, children and their families. It is the philosophy of Chelan-Douglas RSN to assist those persons with mental illness to achieve and maintain their highest level of functioning in the community and discourage inappropriate placement of persons in state institutions. 

CHS Safety Improvements Underway6/19/2015

Chelan School District wasted no time in getting started on the next phase of the security and safety upgrades that were approved by voters in 2013 with a 5-year capital projects levy promised to address the much needed safety and security issues at Chelan High School.


Superintendent, Rob Manahan, says the work is already underway at the school, and will require visitors to enter from a different location during the construction...




"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Manahan says the work will be finished and ready to roll by the first day of school in the Fall.

Friday AM News 06-19-156/19/2015

 This morning's news with Ken Johanson - For the most up to date news stories, tune in at 7AM, Noon and 5PM- and every 30 minutes in between!


100.9  *  103.1  *  93.5

Tuesday Night's Drowning Victim Identified6/18/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Deputies recovered the body 27 year old Froylevi Perez-Cabrera of Wenatchee, drowned while trying to swim across the Chelan River at the lower end of Lake Chelan.


Chelan County Sheriff's Office began the recovery effort this morning- and had only been out searching for the victim for a few minutes when he was located near the spot he was last seen.

Chelan Fire & Rescue divers spent more than 90 minutes searching for the man late Tuesday night after the drowning was reported to Rivercom Dispatch shortly before 10PM.


Chelan County North Patrol Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, told KOZI News that a host of Sheriff Office personnel came to aid in the recovery...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Huddleston says the 27-year-old jumped in the river Tuesday night, along with another friend, to swim across the waterway...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Next of kin has been notified.

Name Of Drowning Victim Not Released6/18/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Deputies recovered the body of a swimmer who drowned while trying to swim across the Chelan River at the lower end of Lake Chelan, but will not be releasing the man's name until family is notified.

Chelan County Sheriff's Office began the recovery effort this morning- and had only been out searching for the victim for a few minutes when he was located near the spot he was last seen.

Chelan Fire & Rescue divers spent more than 90 minutes searching for the man late last night after the drowning was reported to Rivercom Dispatch shortly before 10PM.


Chelan County North Patrol Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, told KOZI News that a host of Sheriff Office personnel came to aid in the recovery...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Huddleston says the 27-year-old from East Wenatchee, jumped in the river last night, along with another friend, to swim across the waterway...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Huddleston says the Sheriff's Office will release the victim's name after next of kin has been notified.

AmeriCorps Volunteers Working In Pateros6/18/2015
"CLICK HERE" for Audio

That is Shannon Foy and Izzy Broomfield, who are members of an 8 -person team from Americorps National Civilian Community Corps currently serving with the Carlton Complex Long Term Recovery Group in Pateros.


Shannon explains that Americorps is a national service organization with branches that provide opportunities to people who want to serve in different communities...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

This is the second Americorps team to serve with the Carlton Complex - the first group repaired more than 13 thousand feet of fencing, removed more than 9 thousand pounds of debris and collected and transported nearly 2500 pounds of donated household goods.


Shannon says they are based out of Sacramento California and have teamed up with the Carlton Complex long term recovery group- which was started in response to last year's devastating fire that destroyed more than 300 homes... 

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

For Izzy, a lot of his excitement during his volunteer service, is the fact that his team is able to make a noticeable impact in the community, without requiring them to find the funding...

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Shannon and Izzy, along with the rest of their team, will be in Pateros for a total of 6-weeks- leaving the area at the end of July.

Thursday AM News 06-18-156/18/2015

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CCSO Recovers Body Of Drowning Victim6/17/2015

Chelan County Sheriff Deputies recovered the body of a swimmer who drowned while trying to swim across the Chelan River at the lower end of Lake Chelan.


Chelan County Sheriff's Office began the recovery effort this morning- and had only been out searching for the victim for a few minutes when he was located near the spot he was last seen.

Chelan Fire & Rescue divers spent more than 90 minutes searching for the man late last night after the drowning was reported to Rivercom Dispatch shortly before 10PM.


Chelan County North Patrol Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, told KOZI News that a host of Sheriff Office personnel came to aid in the recovery...

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 Huddleston says the 27-year-old from East Wenatchee, jumped in the river last night, along with another friend, to swim across the waterway...

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 Huddleston says the Sheriff's Office will release the victim's name after next of kin has been notified.

Chelan EMT's Rescue Hiker On Echo Ridge6/17/2015

Chelan Fire & Rescue crews were called to a medical call near Echo Ridge yesterday afternoon, after a hiker could no longer continue and needed help getting out of the woods.


Chief Lemon says that call came in just before 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon...




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3-Day Special Filing Period Ends Tomorrow6/17/2015

Yesterday marked the first day of Chelan County's Special 3 Day filing period- in hopes that candidates will file for several open offices left vacant after the regular filing week last month.


Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says the Special 3-Day filing period started yesterday...



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 Skip admits that there is almost always a special 3-day filing period every two years, when more offices are open...

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 This 3-Day Special Filing period began yesterday and will end at 5 PM tomorrow- you must file in person or by mail.


For more information, call the Chelan County Auditors Office at 509-667-6800.

City Compiles 6-Year Improvement List6/17/2015

The Chelan City Council approved a transportation improvement plan at their meeting last Thursday, put forth by the Public Works Department.

The list of projects is a routine matter that looks at transportation needs for the city for the next 6 years- and, according to Public Works Director, Dwayne VanEpps, before they can apply for grants- city transportation projects must first appear on that list…




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 Also listed on the Transportation Plan list is finding a way to construct the remaining portions of the Lakeside Trail.

VanEpps says their strategy thus far has been to do small sections as they were able to secure grant funding…

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 VanEpps adds that the Woodin Avenue Bridge is also listed, as the city continues to look at widening the bridge deck for increased pedestrian safety…

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Wednesday, AM News 06-17-156/17/2015

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Chelan River Drowning-Search Underway6/17/2015

A search is underway for a swimmer who drowned while trying to swim across the Chelan River portion at the lower end of Lake Chelan in Riverwalk Park last night.


Chelan County Sheriff's Office will begin a recovery effort of the victim this morning, after Chelan Fire & Rescue divers spent more than 90 minutes searching for the man late last night.


Chelan Fire Chief, Tim Lemon, told KOZI News that the call came in to Rivercom dispatch just before 10 PM last night...


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 KOZI News is in touch with Chelan Fire & Rescue officials as well as those from Chelan County Sheriff's Office and will bring you the latest news as it is confirmed.

Cold Springs Fire 100% Contained6/16/2015

Location:  5 mile south of Pateros

Size:  1,064 acres‎

Cause:  Under Investigation‎

Containment:  100 percent

Land Ownership:  Private

Personnel:  100‎

Equipment:  24 engines, 5 water tenders, 1 bulldozer and one 20-person hand crew‎

Aircraft:  2  

Estimated Cost:  $163,000

Estimated Total Fire Mobilization cost: $175,000

Injuries:  Not advised of any injury

Evacuation Level:  None

Evacuation:  0

Evacuation Shelter Open:  No

Has the local EOC been activated:  Unknown

Structures Lost:  0 Structures

Threatened:  1 home, homesteads, and standing crops (wheat)

Road Closures:  Not advised of road closures

Command Post Location:  Bottom of Cold Springs Basin Road

What’s New: The fire will be demobed and ended at 14:00.  This will be the last report.


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Shady Pass Road Reopens 6/16/2015

The Entiat Ranger District announced yesterday that the Forest Service Road, known as Shady Pass Road, will reopen to vehicle traffic tomorrow.

The road has been closed since last summer’s Duncan Fire, and opened to snowmobilers in early March.


Robin Demario, Public Affairs Specialist for the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, says the opening of Shady Pass Road is great news for forest visitors…




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 Demario says the Duncan fire started on a ridge between the Entiat River and the North Fork Entiat River, eventually spreading east across the North Fork.

She explains that the Shady Pass Road closure remained in place until tomorrow for a few reasons…

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 Last summer’s Duncan Fire covered more than 12,000 acres in the upper Entiat drainage- prompting the closure of a handful of surrounding roads- some of which remain closed for safety.

Fire Stations To Receive Safety Upgrades6/16/2015

Chelan Fire District 7 Board of commissioners approved the installation and upgrading to early notification alarms to their fire stations at their meeting last week- a move that Fire Chief Tim Lemon says is practicing what they preach.


Lemon says the addition will bring all the fire stations in the district up to par with exactly what they are urging others to do...

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 Lemon added that along with the early notification alarms, the commissioners also approved the addition of a safety vehicle exhaust system for the maintenance garage...

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 Commissioners also approved the upgrading of the doorbell and intercom system at Station 71, but, Lemon says, they chose to hold off on the installation of a surveillance camera on site...

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 Chelan Fire District 7 encompasses the northeast Chelan County, covering 125 square miles around Lake Chelan and surrounding areas- including, the City of Chelan, Chelan Falls, Union Valley, South Shore, 25-Mile Creek, Chelan Airport, Howard Flats up to the Chelan/Okanogan County line and the north side of Lake Chelan from the City of Chelan to Manson.


The Board of Commissioners meet monthly- on the second Wednesday of each month.




Happy Fathers Day: Here's 10,000 Trout6/16/2015

Fish hatchery crews with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking 10,000 large rainbow trout in 20 lakes just before Father's Day weekend- June 20-21.


Chris Donley, Inland Fish Program Manager for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, says stocking fish in area lakes has become an annual event...


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 Alta Lake will be stocked with 350 while Conconully Reservoir will be stocked with 750 15-17 inch fish.


More information on fishing locations throughout our area- visit the Fish Washington website at

70% Teens Talk On Phone & Drive6/16/2015

The American Automobile Association has worked for more than 75 years to help families develop their teens into safe, responsible drivers.

Almost 70% of teens admit to talking on a cell phone while driving in the past 30 days and more than 50% admit to reading texts or emails while driving in the past 30 days.

On average, drivers aged 17-26 talk on their cell phone 1 hour each day and send 80 text messages per day. And, 94% leave their phone on while driving.

Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal, says with school freshly out for summer, and more teens behind the wheel, he is encouraging young drivers to cut the distractions while in the car..



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 A teen driver's risk of being killed or seriously injured in a crash increases where there are young passengers in the vehicle. In fact, it increases by 44% when carrying 1 passenger younger than 21, doubles with 2 passengers younger than 21 and quadruples with 3 or more.

On the other end of the spectrum, those chances of being killed or seriously injured decreases by 62% when an adult 35 years or older is in the vehicle.

That statistic, says Jennifer Cook, Senior Corporate Communications Manager for AAA of Washington, says volumes about the impact parents have on teen drivers...

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 You can visit the teed driving website at for more resources in how to help lower the number of teen driver related fatalities.

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