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+ News for the week of October 04, 2015

+ News for the week of September 27, 2015

Burnett Talks Entiat ATM Theft Arrest10/1/2015

 Last week, Chelan County Sheriff Deputies arrested one of the suspects involved in the recent ATM theft in Entiat.


Chelan County Sheriff, Brian Burnett, says 45-year old Clark Tellvik, from Yakima, was arrested last Friday after detectives processed an immense amount of evidence...

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 Tellvik has an extensive criminal background that includes the break-in to a Carnival Company, taking nearly $80,000 in 2004.

HE was also the subject of the Crimestoppers television program for his role in a burglary and theft operation in 2011.

The following year Tellvik was sentenced to 36 months in jail after pleading guilty to various offenses in Clark, Yakima and King counties.

In January of this year, he was stopped by police in Long Beach Washington while driving a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Yakima. He was arrested and booked into Pacific County Jail for possession of stolen property.

Last Friday, Chelan County Sheriff Deputies fetched Tellvik from a Yakima County jail where he was being held on separate burglary and theft charges associated with a burglary at the Three Creeks Resort in Clikitat County.

Burnett says Chelan County Sheriff's Office staff has been busy over the past few weeks...

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 Burnett adds that Tellvik isn't the only one involved in the Entiat ATM theft...

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 IF you have any information on the Entiat ATM theft, you can call the Chelan County Sheriff's Office tip line at 667-6845.

Some Holden Staff Returns To Village10/1/2015

 After nearly six weeks since being evacuated due to the Wolverine Fire earlier this month, some Holden Village residents and Holden Mine Remediation workers have been allowed to return to Holden.

Chelan District Ranger Kari (CAR-EE) Grover-Wier (WEER), says the Wolverine Fire prompted the evacuation of the Village due to extreme fire activity that first threatened the only evacuation road out of the village before turning to also threaten the village itself...

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 Wier (WEER), says the main hazard still is the road leading into Holden, Forest Service Road 8301...

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 Several weeks before the July 31 evacuation occurred, Holden Mine Remediation workers and Holden Village celebrated the completion of the groundwater barrier wall, a major project milestone in the mine remediation work. The barrier wall is an underground wall that will prevent contaminated mine water from entering Railroad Creek, and directs it to a mine water treatment plant. The wall ranges from 12 feet to 90 feet deep, is approximately three feet wide and runs the length of the Holden Mine site.

Crews that have returned to Holden will focus efforts on the completion of the mine water treatment plant.

FCC Looks To Bring Faster Rural Internet 10/1/2015

 The Federal Communications Commission is three years into a project the agency hopes will bring faster Internet speeds to some of the nation's most rural areas by offering incentives to broadband providers for expanding their networks.


Here in Washington, at least 23,000 homes and businesses stand to gain a broadband Internet connection – some for the first time.


Icicle Broadcasting News Contributor, Chris Thomas has more...

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 To learn more on the Connect America Fund- visit the Federal Communications Commission website at:




Local Fire Updates10/1/2015

 Management of the Wolverine, First and Chelan Complex fires returned to local Forest Service Ranger Districts and the Southeast Washington Department of Natural Resources last week.  Fire crews and equipment are focused on suppression repair efforts, fixing damage caused during fire suppression activities. Fire crews and heavy equipment are utilized on disturbed areas to speed up recovery and revegetation. Dozer and hand lines are filled in and covered with natural materials, and water bars and drain dips are installed on slopes to slow surface runoff and erosion.

Wolverine Fire:  On the Chelan Ranger District last week, repair work was completed on the contingency dozer line near the Shady Pass road from Grouse Mountain to Big Hill.  Road work will continue on the Shady Pass road in the coming weeks. In the Entiat drainage, repair work was completed in the Tommy Creek area and a crew has been flown into Marble Meadows and will “spike out” for several days while they repair several sections of hand line built earlier this summer. They will be supported by an Icicle Outfitters pack train.

First Creek Fire: Repair efforts are complete on both private and Forest Service land and the fire is in patrol status.

Chelan Complex: Road repair and dozer line repair work has been completed on the portion of the fire that burned on the Chelan Ranger District along the Cooper Ridge road. Additional road work will be completed in the coming weeks and crews continue to mitigate snags along Forest Road No. 8210 to ensure public safety.

Closures: There are still road and area closures in effect on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest due to suppression repair work. Closures will be lifted as repair and road work is completed. Please drive slowly, there is heavy equipment and fire crews traveling on roadways.  Please call the Entiat, Chelan or Methow Valley Ranger District for the most up-to-date closure information.

Chelan Ranger District: The Slide Ridge Road and Snowberry Campground are open. The Shady Pass road is open on the Chelan Ranger District side from 25-Mile to the Devil’s Backbone trailhead. The Grade Creek road is open to the Summer Blossom trailhead. The Cooper Ridge Road is open, but closed from the Summer Blossom trailhead south to the junction with the Black Canyon Road. The Antoine Road is open. In the Echo Ridge trail area, Windsinger, Ridge View, and Waterbar Heaven trails remain closed while all other trails at Echo Ridge are open. An area closure remains in effect in the Railroad Creek drainage, Domke Lake and National Forest land around Lucerne. Forest Road No. 8301 to Holden also remains closed.

Entiat Ranger District: The Entiat River Road is open to the gate one mile past Silver Falls Campground. National Forest lands east of the Entiat River Road are open to Lake Chelan and north to Bearcat Ridge, with the exception of Shady Pass which is closed from Entiat River Road to Devil’s Backbone trailhead due to current road repair work. West of Entiat River Road, National Forest lands are open south of Maverick Saddle including Forest Service Road No. 5200 and Trail No. 1409.

Smoke will be visible in the interior areas of the fires until they receive significant precipitation. Although smoke will be visible, the fires are not expected to grow.


NC ESD Gets $325K For Science10/1/2015

 North Central ESD has been awarded $325,000 as part of the Northwest Earth and Space Pipeline (NESSP) “Ignite, Innovate, Inspire: Launching NASA’s Next Generation” grant through NASA and the University of Washington. This award will provide middle and high school science teachers with professional learning around the use of NASA data and materials in the implementation of Washington State Science Learning Standards (Next Generation Science Standards) in their classrooms. Teacher stipends for time, development of resources, and lesson planning will be provided. The project begins August 2016.  

TwispWorks Names New Director10/1/2015

 TwispWorks, a center for creative enterprise located at the site of the historic Twisp Ranger Station, announced the selection of Don Linnertz as its new executive director effective Oct 19. Linnertz fills the vacancy created by former executive director, Amy Storks', departure to join a Portland-based consulting firm. Today, TwispWorks is at the center of entrepreneurship and economic opportunity in the Methow Valley and includes more than 30 campus partners including working artists, design and technology businesses, and small scale manufacturing and educational groups.

"We are very pleased to announce Don’s appointment to executive director of TwispWorks," said Ray Johnston, president of the board, TwispWorks Foundation. "TwispWorks has emerged as an important part of the cultural and economic vitality of the Methow Valley. With the exceptional work of our staff and past leadership, TwispWorks is ready to move forward in its mission helping businesses and youth achieve more through programs in education, agriculture, technology, art and culture."

Linnertz’s background includes more than 20 years of executive management, planning, administration and development experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. During his career, Linnertz worked for Adobe Systems, Inc. overseeing global partner operations, Holland America Line leading sales and marketing efforts and The Market Foundation's Pike Market Child Care Center where he was development director. He also served as board chair for Bread for the Journey, a community based micro-granting organization with more than 25 national chapters. Prior to his appointment to executive director, Linnertz served on the TwispWorks Foundation board of directors. He currently serves on the board of directors for Methow Recycles.

"The Methow Valley is truly a unique and special place to live and work,” said Linnertz. “I look forward to serving our community and helping strengthen and build partnerships that support economic development for the region. I am honored to work with such a dedicated staff, board and broad group of supporters and know that together we will achieve truly great things for the community we care so deeply about."

The TwispWorks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization creating the collaborative space where people and ideas come together to create products, art, learning and connection for tenants, for the community and for visitors to the Methow Valley. 

Health Report: Does Aromatherapy Work?10/1/2015
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Trojan Volleyball Beats Bridgeport9/30/2015

 Manson hosted Bridgeport on Tuesday and won in a 4-set match with set scores of (Manson score is listed first):


Stat highlights include Ally Paige with 10 digs and served 13/13 with 2 aces
Maddee Ward with 14 kills
Baylee Ward with 11 kills
Analexis Manjares with 11 digs
Daicy Leyva had 34 assists

The team served 100% in the second set!

JV also won Tuesday, beating Bridgeport in 3 sets with scores of:

Stat highlights include Brenda Lopez with 8 kills and served 8/8
Jasmin Rodriguez served 6/6 with 1 ace 
Sandra Diaz served 8/8 with 1 ace
Karina Guzman had 9 digs
Alyssa Lamar had 7 digs and 4 kills

Our next game is another home match against Liberty Bell on Thursday, October 1st with JV starting at 5 and Varsity to follow. 

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Chelan City Starts Public Budget Process9/30/2015

 The City of Chelan is beginning their budgeting process, and is planning three workshops this month to get that done.


City Finance Director, Cheryl Grant, says the workshops will be held each Tuesday evening, beginning October 13th...

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 Grant explained that a few years ago, the City of Chelan changed the budget guidelines, separating the Capital Funds from the rest...

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 The entire budget process is done in public meetings, and you are welcomed and encouraged to attend.


The first of the three workshops will be held on Tuesday, October 13th in Council Chambers at Chelan City Hall.

PUD Hosts Public Power Week 3rd-10th9/30/2015

 Each year customer-owned utilities across the nation celebrate the benefits of public power during the first week of October.

And, Chelan County PUD is inviting customers to three free events, starting today.

This year, the focus is on the new Public Power Benefit Projects, voted on by customers.

The first of the three events will be held today- from 11AM until 1 PM.

Kimberlee Craig, with Chelan County PUD, says today's event will give customers the opportunity to voice their thoughts on locations for nine new charging stations slated to be installed throughout Chelan County. Craig says the event will also offer customers the opportunity to see and ask questions about electric vehicles, including one of Link Transit's Electric buses...

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 In addition to today's Electrification event at Pybus Market, Chelan County PUD will host a look at recent and future lake levels in Lake Chelan, on Wednesday, October 7th from 5PM-7PM at Chelan Chamber of Commerce.


As a final piece of the week-long public power week- Chelan County PUD will host a “senior DAMboree” at Rocky Reach Dam next Saturday, October 10 from 10AM -4PM.

We will have more details on both of those events coming up throughout the week.

Manson School Board Retreat Tuesday9/30/2015

 The Manson School Board will hold an board retreat next Tuesday, October 6th at the Manson School District office from 8:30AM until noon.


Manson School Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says the annual board retreat is a public meting, and offers an opportunity for the school board to dive in deeper deeper into some long term plans and issues...

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 That's Manson School Board's annual retreat, next Tuesday, October 6th from 8:30AM until noon.

Health Report: Eye Strain Tips9/30/2015
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Public Use of School Facilities Changing9/30/2015

 The Chelan School Board opened a discussion at their meeting last week, on potential changes to community use of school facilities.


School Superintendent, Rob Manahan, says they are learning about what other schools do, and will likely be making a change to the current policy...

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 Manahan says those changes will affect more than just Real Life Lake Chelan, who currently uses the PAC on an at least weekly basis....

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 The Lake Chelan School Board meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, making their next meeting Tuesday, October 13th at 6PM.

Career Criminal Arrested For ATM Theft9/29/2015

 Chelan County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested a 45-year old career criminal from Yakima County for his role in an ATM theft in Entiat earlier this month.

Chelan County Under Sheriff, John Wisemore, says detectives believe there were others involved...

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 45-year old Tellvik has an extensive criminal background.

In 2004 he was the reputed mastermind of a break-in that cost a carnival company nearly $80,000 in cash reciepts. He pled guilty to a burglary charge and was senteneced to one year in jail.

In 2011 he was the subject of the Crimestoppers television program in Yakima county. He was dscribed then as being wanted for burglary and theft.

In 2012 Tellvik was senteneced to 36 months of incarceration after pleading guilty to various offenses in Clark, Yakima and King counties.

In January of this year, he was stopped by police in Long Beach Washington while driving a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Yakima. He was arrested and booked into Pacific County Jail for possession of stolen property.

Last Friday, Chelan County Sheriff Deputies fetched Tellvik from a Yakima County jail where he was being held on separate burglary and theft charges assosiated with a burglary at the Three Creeks Resort in Clikitat County.

Car Accident Requires Rope Rescue Team9/29/2015

 Chelan Fire and Rescue responded late Saturday night to a report of a vehicle over an embankment about 2.5 miles up the Chelan Butte Road.


Chelan Fire & Rescue Captain, Pat Moore, says the initial call came in at about 10PM Saturday night...

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 Moore says the three patients are very lucky...

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 Three Chelan County Sheriff's Deputies, 3 Lake Chelan Community Hospital EMS responders, 4 Chelan Fire & Rescue Rope Technicians and 2 Support members responded to the accident.

DOC 15 Gets Grant To Renovate Facility9/29/2015

Okanogan County received word last week that they are the recipient of a $1 million grant award to be used to renovate and expand the Douglas Okanogan Fire District 15 Facility, in Brewster.


The grant is part of a federal Community Development Block Grant, through an Economic Opportunity funding cycle.


Tonya Vallance is Director of EMS Services for DOC 15- and is also Project Superintendent. She says that obtaining the grant has been a multi-year process... 

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 Vallance says the current facility has several deficiencies, including the exhaust system in the ambulance bay, and the lack of sleeping quarters.. She says adding sleeping quarters will allow 24-hour staffing- which will cut response time to the districts 250 square mile coverage area...

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 Vallance says the project will need more funding than the $1 million grant- but says they were able to secure the additional $500 thousand through Cashmere Valley Bank...

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 Once completed, the new Fire District 15 ambulance facility will contain a total of 8,722 square feet with 2 sleeping rooms for on call EMS staff, an additional ambulance bay, a community meting room for up to 50 attendees, a day room for on-call staff, a decontamination room, cooking and dining facilities, ADA compliant bathrooms, vehicle exhaust system, emergency backup electrical power, additional parking and security lighting, energy efficient window, and additional storage for EMS equipment.


Plans also include expanded facility for temporary shelter for residents, a triage space for aiding victims, and an area that can serve as incident command center during wild land fires, ice storms and other natural catastrophes...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Project organizers expect to go out to bid in December or January, award a contract in February, start construction in March and hope to have the project completed by September 2016.


State Increases Number Of Cougars Killed9/29/2015

 As autumn gets into full swing, hunting seasons are also under way.


And that means cougar hunting is open now in Washington, even as conservation and animal rights groups challenge the state Fish and Wildlife Commission's decision to increase the number of cougars that hunters can kill. Those groups want the Commission to rethink how many cougars are "fair game."


Icicle Broadcasting News Contributor Chris Thomas explains...

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Health Report: Choosing A Doctor9/29/2015
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Register To Vote, Ballots Coming Soon9/28/2015

 It's that time again...


The General election is just around the corner, with Tuesday, November 3rd the official Election Day.


Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, told KOZI that those who are not currently registered to vote in the state, have an opportunity to do so online or by mail until Monday, October 5th- one week from today...

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 Moore adds that the ballots will be placed in the mail on the 13th of October, and voters should expect theirs to arrive by about the 16th or 17th...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Moore says this time around, the ballot is made up of mostly local issues...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 For more information on the upcoming November 3rd General Election, or to register to vote- visit the auditor's website at



Vesting Rights, RV and B & B Codes9/28/2015

 Chelan City Council held three separate Public Hearings at their council meeting last week- and even had some public participation.



The first of those hearings was in consideration of planning commissions' recommendation on the 2015 comprehensive plan amendment package.


City of Chelan Planning Director, Craig Gildroy says that public hearing included discussion of vesting community waterfront parks, requiring a minor revision to allow single family zones for waterfront access...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Following the comp plan amendment package public hearing, council moved right into another one- this time on RV park codes- which Gildroy says received the most community involvement....

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Gildroy adds that rounding out last week's public hearings was regarding revisions to codes on Bed and Breakfasts...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Chelan City Council meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month, making their next meeting on Thursday, October 8th at 6PM.

Local High School Football Scores9/28/2015

 Brewster beats Tonasket 47-10


Chelan loses to Belvue Christian 13-38


Manson loses to Lake Roosevelt 12-28



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Health Report: How To Treat Bloody Nose9/28/2015
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+ News for the week of September 20, 2015

Black Canyon Fire Crews Shrinking9/25/2015

 The Black Canyon Fire was ignited by lightning on Friday, August 14th- 8 miles west of Pateros- and has burned more than 6,700 acres.


Earlier this week, a true sign that that wildfire is nearing the end- is the change in command.

Michael Liu (LOO), District Ranger for the Methow Valley Ranger District, says this is good news...

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 Liu says crews are now primarily doing what fire officials call suppression repair work...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Liu says he expects more changes to come after the weekend...

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Holden School Held In Chelan Temporarily9/25/2015

 The Holden Village School is a public school- operated by the Lake Chelan School District, under state provisions for schools that are considered remote but necessary.


The school is located 45-miles up Lake Chelan and 12-miles into the wilderness.


The start of this school year was unlike any other for the school's children- as they were evacuated from the village due to the Wolverine Fire that burned more than 65,500 acres.


Chelan School District Superintendent, Rob Manahan, says those students started the school year at Chelan's Morgen Owings Elementary School- and although staff and remediation workers have returned to the village, officials have not deemed the road safe enough for students to return...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Manahan says that the current classroom set up for Holden Village students, primarily made up of children of year-round staff in Holden, is temporary.


He says that a Burned Area Emergency Response Team -known as BAER- recently visited the village- and the outcome of that assessment will drive the next step for Holden Village students...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Karen Crowell, 3rd grade teacher at MOE in Chelan serves as the principal for Holden Village school- Carolyn Giese (GEESE-EE) is the teacher and Riley Jamison is the Para-educator.

5 Yr PUD Prediction: $50K Less Revenue9/25/2015

 Declining wholesale market sales could mean $10 million less in revenue for Chelan County PUD every year for the next five years.


Chelan County PUD commissioner, Gary Arseneault, says that although these preliminary estimates indicate projected net revenues will decline, the district remains within the range of financial estimates used to develop their strategic plan running through the year 2020...

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 Arseneault says two main factors led to the decrease in projected revenue. The first is the declining price of fossil fuels, namely petroleum and natural gas...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The other, he says, is California...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 While California aims to hit that 50% alternative power mark, Washington's own utilities are required to supply 15% of their demand with non-hydro renewable power by the year 2020.

Electricity in California right now can run as high 43 cents per kilowatt hour- compare that to about 3 cents per kilowatt hour, here in chelan county.

The PUD expects to earn more than $123 million this year from the sale of surplus electricity with that total declining to $110 million next year and $88 million in 2020.

He said even with that $50 million decline over the next 5 years, PUD officials don't expect customer owners to see any increase in their power bill. However, Arseneault says it could likely mean less money will go to the public power benefit program- such as the day use fee waiver enacted at state parks in chelan county this summer...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Arseneault added the PUD will still move forward with plans to start the fiber system expansion next year, continue large long term repairs to the generators at Rocky Reach Dam, and use revenue to pay down the utilities debt - with a goal of a debt equity ratio of less than 35 percent by 2018.

Out of the Darkness Suicide Walk Tomorrow9/25/2015

 The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention is hosting an Out of the Darkness Suicide walk tomorrow in Wenatchee- aimed to raise money for research and education programs to prevent suicide and save lives.


The walk also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about depression and suicide and provide comfort and assistance to those who have lost someone to suicide.


Chairman for the Walk, William Higgins, says the walk will begin tomorrow morning at Walla Walla Point Park in Wenatchee...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Kriss Salgado is the Executive Director of The Grief Place of North Central Washington. She says that suicide statistics for the state are hard to swallow- with an average of 1,027 suicide deaths per year. That's an average of one suicide every 8 ½ hours in our state alone...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Higgins says that organizing Wentachee's Out of The Darkness Suicide walk is a personal matter for him. He lost his daughter to suicide just one year ago...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 If you are interested in participating in tomorrow's Out of the Darkeness Suicide Walk, just show up at Walla Walla Point Park at 9AM to register.

Out of the Darkness Suicide Walk Tomorrow9/25/2015

 The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention is hosting an Out of the Darkness Suicide walk tomorrow in Wenatchee- aimed to raise money for research and education programs to prevent suicide and save lives.


The walk also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about depression and suicide and provide comfort and assistance to those who have lost someone to suicide.


Chairman for the Walk, William Higgins, says the walk will begin tomorrow morning at Walla Walla Point Park in Wenatchee...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Kriss Salgado is the Executive Director of The Grief Place of North Central Washington. She says that suicide statistics for the state are hard to swallow- with an average of 1,027 suicide deaths per year. That's an average of one suicide every 8 ½ hours in our state alone...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Higgins says that organizing Wentachee's Out of The Darkness Suicide walk is a personal matter for him. He lost his daughter to suicide just one year ago...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 If you are interested in participating in tomorrow's Out of the Darkeness Suicide Walk, just show up at Walla Walla Point Park at 9AM to register.

Thursday AM News 09-24-159/24/2015
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Three Public Hearings At Tonight's Meeting9/24/2015

 We continue to look at a handful of public hearings scheduled with this week's Chelan City Council meeting.


Today we will take a closer look at the third and final public hearing- regarding Bed & Breakfast Revision Text Amendment.


City of Chelan Planning Director, Craig Gildroy, says this particular public hearing comes after some grumbling over codes and rules regarding Bed & Breakfast operations...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Tonight's regularly scheduled Chelan City Council meeting, complete with the three public hearings will start at 6PM in council chambers at Chelan City Hall.


Among those public hearings, are the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Package, the Recreation Vehicles and Campground Provision and the Bed and Breakfast Revision Amendment.

We will have City officials in studio tomorrow morning, shortly after 8AM for a complete run down of tonight's meeting.

One More Target For Lake Levels 9/24/2015

As the final minimum target elevation deadline date approaches for Lake Chelan, Chelan County PUD's power resources analyst, Becky King, gives KOZI a rundown of lake levels for the year.


King says, as far as the water level in Lake Chelan is concerned, it was a very unusual year...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 King says that in August, PUD officials faced yet another challenge: an outage of one of the two generating units for the project...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 King adds that they continue to monitor weather forecasts that will affect water level requirements...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 The PUD expects that the A1 unit is planned to be back in operation by mid-October.

Health Report: Are You Thirsty?9/24/2015
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Trojans & Goats Pull Off Volleyball Wins9/23/2015

 Manson Trojans And Chelan Goats pull off wins on volleyball court-



"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Public Hearing On RV & Campground9/23/2015

 As we told you yesterday, tomorrow night's Chelan City Council meeting is one you don't want to miss- as they will have three important public hearings.


We highlighted the first hearing, on the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Package in yesterday's news.


Today we are taking a look at the Recreation Vehicle and Campground Conditional Use Permit provision hearing.


City of Chelan Planning Director, Craig Gildroy, says this amendment application was actually citizen initiated...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Tomorrow we will take a look at the final public hearing scheduled for Thursday's Chelan City Council meeting, which will be on a Bed and Breakfast Revision Text Amendment.


And, Friday, we will have city officials in studio to tell us how those public hearings went.

Chelan FFA Earns 2nd, 5th + Place9/23/2015

 The Chelan FFA built on their earlier success at the fall fairs as they traveled to the Adams County Fair in Othello to compete in the Washington State FFA Horse CDE, Livestock Evaluation CDE, Dairy Evaluation CDE and Tractor Driving CDE.


The Chelan FFA Horse Team evaluated 4 halter classes of Quarter Horse Mares, Quarter Horse Geldings, Paint Geldings, Paint Mares, Western Pleasure and English Pleasure. They then had to give a set of oral reasons defending their placing of the Quarter Horse Mare class. They then completed a saddle part identification test and as a team had 10 minutes to prepare and give a 10 minute Equine Marketing Scenario presentation. When the points had been tallied, Katie Gleasman had earned 339 points out of a possible 370 just one point behind the two judges who tied at 340 earning her a third place individual finish and a spot amongst the best horse judges in the state of Washington. Josie Gallup, Emily Mudd, and Sarah Goyne rounded out the Chelan team which earned a fifth place plaque for their efforts finishing just 12 points out of first place in a contest worth over 1400 pts.


In the Dairy Evaluation CDE, Chelan members were led by Owen Oules who earned a 242 score out of a possible 250 to place first overall, Wyatt Habich followed in fifth place with a 229. Dane Schwartz, Dianna Sanchez, and Kenny Reeves rounded out the team which earned a second place banner for their efforts.


The Tractor Driving team was also close finish with the Chelan team earning a third place banner just one point behind the teams that tied for first and second. All three drivers from Chelan placed in the top ten with Ken Housely placing fourth and Michael Tutino and Jake Horlebien placing eighth and ninth respectively.


Chelan FFA members will travel to the University of Idaho in Moscow this weekend to participate in the U of I Ag Days celebration. Members will compete in the Livestock CDE which they won last year, the Dairy CDE and then tour the campus and take in a Vandal Football game.


Chelan Council To Hold 3 Public Hearings9/22/2015

 Chelan City Council will hold three public hearings at their upcoming regularly scheduled meeting, on Thursday.


The first of those public hearings will be on the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Package- which is made up of four proposed changes, including vesting rules.


Vesting is when you acquire rights to an asset, that then cannot be taken away.

In this case, we are talking about development regulations.


City of Chelan Planning Director, Craig Gildroy, says this refers to a new section in the code, that will override the current code, that allows for vesting with just a preliminary application- a situation that Gildroy says is not good for the city...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Gildroy says that there are three instances that are required by state law to allow vesting...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 In addition to the vesting rules, as part of the Comprehensive Plan Hearing, City officials will look at tweaking the community Waterfront Park Standards, which Gildroy explains...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Next up for the Comp Plan Package hearing is the Capital Improvement Facilities Plan- which, Gildroy says, lays out infrastructure needed to support the city's 2-year population projection...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Gildroy says the final piece of the comp plan public hearing is the removal of the Versoske property from the Urban Growth boundary...

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 Also on Thursday's public hearing agenda is a public hearing on recreation vehicle and campground provision as well as a Bed & Breakfast Text Amendment-


KOZI will dive into the RV and Campground provision tomorrow, followed by the Bed & Breakfast amendment on Thursday.

Brush Fire Chars 3 Acres- Injures One9/22/2015

 As we see wildfires in our area begin to ramp down, many of us have marked the wildfire season as being over-- but yesterday, that sense of security proved to be false.

Chelan Fire crews responded to brush fire that charred about 3 acres and injured a Chelan firefighter.

Chelan 7 Captain, Pat Moore, says the fire happened yesterday eveingin the Apple Acres/Washington Creek area, and was likely casued by what firefighters refer to as "rollout."

"CLICK HERE" for Audio

 In fact, Moore said, the rocky, steep terrain is exactly what is to blame for an injury to a Chelan firefighter...


"CLICK HERE" for Audio

Free State Parks Day on Saturday9/22/2015
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Volunteers Needed To Count Bicyclists9/22/2015

 About 400 volunteers are needed to help count the number of people who ride bicycles or walk during their destinations during an annual three-day survey, starting next Tuesday.

Andrea (ON-DRAY-AH) Clinkscales, with the Cascade Bicycle Club, told KOZI that across the US, bicycling and walking are strongly re-establishing as transportation modes for work, school, recreation and for health and fitness purposes. But, she says, 8 years ago, state officials announced the need for more statistics...

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 And, from there, the Washington Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project was launched. And, Clinkscales explains, that Washington State Department of Transportation enlisted the help of the Cascade Bicycle Club to help coordinate the annual state-wide counting effort...

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 Clinkscales says volunteer support is vital to the success of the project, adding that volunteer registration is now open with many locations still needing volunteers...

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 Volunteers will track the number of bicyclists and pedestrians riding and walking through their intersections, including direction of travel, gender and helmet use.

Those interested in helping can learn more online at



Health Report: Sleep Apnea9/22/2015
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BAER Teams Assess Burned Areas9/21/2015

 The Okanogan Conservation District has taken the lead in an Interagency Burned Area Assessment Team for State and Private lands.


Kirsten Cook is an Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Okanogan Conservation District and says in the wake of another season of very large wildfires in Okanogan County, the district has re-established the team- which is often referred to as a BAER (BEAR) Team...

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 Cook explains that the team has been out since September 11th, working on evaluating burn severity and risk factors...

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 Cook says her office is asking private land owners in Okanogan County to contact them to fill out a wildfire intake form...

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 That phone number is 509-422-0855- or you can visit their website at



It's Septic Smart Week - Sewer Safety9/21/2015
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Goats, Trojans Chalk Up Losses, Bears Win9/21/2015

 Goats Lose: 14-49


Bears Win: 42-20


Trojans Lose Close Game: 22-30

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Health Report: Shin Splints9/21/2015

 Ever had Shin Splints?


Here's a Health report focused on the cause and treatment.

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+ News for the week of September 13, 2015

Car Prowl Suspect Still Loose, Lock Cars9/18/2015

 Car prowls continue to occur on what seems to be a nightly basis in the Chelan Valley and deputies continue to investigate.


Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says he believes that it's just a matter of time before the suspect is caught...

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 Huddleston says he sees a direct coloration between the suspect, his time in and out of jail, and car prowls in our area...

 His take home message: stay vigilant, take your valuables inside your home, lock your car doors, and rest assured, the suspect will be caught.


Twisp Looks To Buy New Police Car9/18/2015

 The Twisp Town Council, at their meeting last week, approved the purchase of a new vehicle for the Twisp Police Department.


Jackie Moriarty, Twisp Town Clerk Treasurer, says the town was awarded an Economic Impact Initiative grant through the USDA, as well as a low interest loan, to pay for the $44 thousand Chevy Tahoe...

 The USDA Communities Facilities Program has provided more than $83 million nationwide in direct loans and grants that have enabled rural emergency responders to purchase more than 1,360 emergency vehicles, including about 210 ambulances, 710 police cars and 440 firetrucks.


Moriarty says police officers put a lot of miles on the departments fleet of three vehicles...

 Town officials expect to have the new vehicle in service by the end of 2015.


The next Twisp Council meeting will be held next Tuesday, September 22nd at 5PM in the Twisp Town Hall.

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Parks Board Considers Public Access9/18/2015

 Chelan County Commissioners have initiated discussions with Manson Parks and Recreation District in considering the operation of county owned public access areas within the Manson Parks District.


Manson Parks Director, Wai Tim Petersen, says talks are still in the preliminary stages, but the parks board is interested in furthering discussions with county officials...

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 Petersen explains that the county owns the public access areas, but have done little in the way of maintenance on them...

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 Petersen adds that the board will revisit the topic at their next meeting...

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 The Manson Parks & Recreation District will hold their next meeting on Thursday, October 8th at 4pm in the boardroom at the Parks Office on Pedoi Street in Manson.

Community Post Fire Meeting Saturday 9/18/2015

 Chelan, WA- An informational meeting will be held Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Chelan High School Performing Arts Center, 215 Webster Avenue, in Chelan. 


The purpose of the meeting is to provide residents with resources to address potential post-fire effects. Presentations will be given by representatives from Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Chelan County Emergency Management, Washington State University Extension Service, and fire managers of the Wolverine and First Creek wildfires.



For more information about the meeting, please contact the Chelan Ranger District (509) 682-4900.

Wolverine, First Creek & Blankenship Fires9/16/2015


Incident Overview


Rain predicted tomorrow and high elevation snow.

Removal of pumps, hoses and other equipment continues.

Repair of firelines and erosion control measures also continues.


Basic Information

Current as of 9/14/2015, 6:53:02 PM
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Wednesday July 29th, 2015 approx. 07:30 AM
Location 3 miles NW of Lucerne, WA
Incident Commander Nate Rabe IC WAIMT2 Al Lawson IC-T WAIMT2

Current Situation

Total Personnel 568
Size 65,512 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 35%
Estimated Containment Date Thursday October 15th, 2015 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved

Timber (Grass and Understory)


Significant Events




Single Tree Torching


Planned Actions

Continue construction of contingency lines. Continue indirect line construction from H-56 to Krone Peak; mop up and patrol on Divisions B/Y. Work with READS to identify and implement repair and maintenance strategies. Maintain structure protection in the Entiat River corridor. Inventory equipment along Lake Chelan, Holden, Lucerne, and Steheken and continue backhaul operations. Utilize bucket work and Seats to check fire activity in Three Creek, Pyramid Creek and Ice Creek drainages, as needed.

Projected Incident Activity

12 hours: minimal fire behavior: creeping, smoldering. Fire behavior moderating due to cooler temperatures and lower relative humidities.

24 hours: Minimal fire behavior: creeping, smoldering, and some isolated single tree torching. Fire behavior moderating due to cooler temperatures and lower relative humidities.

48 hours: Minimal fire behavior: creeping, smoldering, and some isolated single tree torching. Fire behavior moderating due to cooler temperatures and lower relative humidities.

72 hours: Minimal fire growth due to expected to precipitation.

Anticipated after 72 hours: Minimal fire growth due to expected precipitation.


Spike at Silver Falls closed today. Wolverine BAER team in-briefing occurred today. 2656 acres on North Cascades National Park (WA-NCP)

62,659 acres on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (WA-OWF)

197 acres on Private (WA-PRI)

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

A weather system will be moving east of the fire on Tuesday leaving partly cloudy skies and continued cool temperatures in its wake. Winds will be relatively light with humidity minimums around 40 percent. A stronger weather system moves into the area on Wednesday bringing increasing clouds with shower activity developing by afternoon. Steadier precipitation is expected overnight Wednesday into early Thursday with amount of .25 to .40 expected in the northern half of the Wolverine Fire seeing slightly higher amounts. Higher ridges could see up to 2 inches of snow. Temperatures will remain in the 40s and 50s with high humidity.

Rick Isaacson, Public Information Officer for the Blankenship, Wolverine and First Creek Fires, says fire crews are making great headway on all three fires...

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 Isaacson says the containment numbers haven't changed much in the last few days, and gives us a rundown of what that looks like...

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 He adds that as far as weather goes, things are looking up for the fires...

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 As things wind down, Isaacson asks people to be on the lookout for fire personnel, and their equipment...

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Wenatchee In Running For Best Community9/16/2015

 A team of representatives from municipal governments, port districts, local service agencies and more are leading an effort to capture the top spot in America's Best Communities contest in hopes of grabbing the $3 million top prize.


Wenatchee has already beat out 350 communities, and was named one of the top 50 finalists- with a $50 thousand prize.


The contest is spread over three years, 15 finalists will be chosen in November, and then down to 8 in early 2016 before the top three are announced in October 2017. First place will receive $3 million, 2nd place will receive $2 million and third place is $1 million.


As the team prepares for the next cut for the semi-finals round, judges will be looking for ideas, goals and strategies on how the Wenatchee Valley can prosper, grow, learn, create, improve the environment, and care for one another.


And, according to Alan Walker, Executive Director of Chelan Douglas United Way, they are asking for input from the entire Wenatchee Valley...

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 Walker says participating in the survey is easy, adding the website just went live yesterday...

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For more information, call Chelan Douglas United Way at 509-662-8261.

Alt Apointment = Entiat Council Full Again9/16/2015

 The Entiat City Council is full again, after spending nearly two months one person shy.


Council appointed John Alt at their regularly scheduled meeting last Thursday, after what Entiat City Clerk Treasurer, Linda Countryman, says was a tough decision for the rest of the council...

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 The Entiat City Council voted last month to add an additional monthly meeting to their plans, making their next meeting Thursday, September 24th at 7pm in Entiat City Hall.

Stolen Bucket Loader, Dump Truck & ATM9/15/2015

 Chelan County Sheriff's detectives are investigating multiple thefts and burglaries Sunday morning in Entiat, that included the theft of a vault portion of an ATM machine.


Chelan County Undersheriff, John Wisemore, told KOZI that the incident began at approximately 4 o'clock Sunday morning when a large bucket loader was stolen from Pipkin Construction in Entiat...

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 Around 10 AM Sunday morning, deputies received another report of burglary and theft...

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 Wisemore said it is likely that the two incidents are directly related.


Chelan County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who has any information regarding these two burglaries to call the Chelan County Sheriff's Office Tip Line at 667-6845.

 Sheriff Brian Burnett reports on 9-13-15 at approximately 0400 hours, someone stole a large bucket loader belonging to Pipkin Construction in Entiat.  They drove the bucket loader to the area of BJ's Entiat and used it to demolish the Cashmere Valley Bank building that contains an ATM.  The ATM was destroyed in the process, but they removed the vault portion that contains money.  From tire tracks in the dirt lot, it appears the suspect(s) used the bucket loader to drive next to a large set of dual tire track.  It is probable they used the bucket loader to load the vault into a truck.  It is possible the tire tracks were to a large vehicle like a dump truck.  The bucket loader was left running at the scene and the truck was gone.  A passerby reported this incident at approximately 0425 hours.  Cashmere Valley Bank estimates damage to be at least $50,000.00 which does not include the undisclosed amount of money in the vault. 


At approximately 1000 hours, a worker showing up to work at Bob's Apple Barrel on 97A discovered their office had been broken into.  Through their surveillance system, two subjects were seen arriving on the property on motorcycles at approximately 0300 hours.  They forced entry into the office and attempted to steal a safe, but were unsuccessful.  They could be seen leaving shortly after ransacking the office.  The owner arrived and noticed one of his full size dump trucks was missing.  At approximately 1715 hours, the Bob's Apple Barrel dump truck was located by someone approximately 9 miles up Potato Creek Road off of the Entiat River Road abandoned. It is likely these two incidents are directly related.


If you have any information regarding these two burglaries, please call the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (509)667-6845

Chelan 7 Starts Adding Up Equipment Loss9/15/2015

 As area wildfires continue winding down, and containment numbers keep rising, Chelan County Fire District 7 is beginning to sift through the financial impacts.


We often hear of impacts such as lives threatened, structures and homes lost or damaged, and overall suppression costs- but, Chief Lemon says there are also economic impacts that reach beyond the primary indicators of suppression costs. One of those is equipment damage, which local fire officials are starting to replace and repair…

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 Chief Lemon explains that, although there were overtime costs for personnel, the district will see that money recovered…

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 The latest estimated overall suppression costs for the Okanogan Complex Fire is $38 million, and for the Chelan Complex: $19.3 million.