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Reclamation District to reduce irrigated acreage 8/11/2010
The Lake Chelan Reclamation District is gearing up for a lengthy process of what it calls “relinquishing” some of its water rights.

That involves cutting water access to impervious lands, which are mainly artificial structures such as pavement, roads, sidewalks and parking lots that are covered with impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete and rooftops.

Soils compacted by urban development are also impervious.

The Reclamation District has exceeded the amount of acres that can legally be irrigated, according to federal guidelines.

General Manager Kem Carr told KOZI last month that the district needs to ensure that irrigation water is distributed for green uses and best uses.

Removing water from areas that don’t need it is one way the District can come into compliance with the federal Bureau of Reclamation.

He said affected customers will see a reduction in irrigation assessment costs if irrigation water is taken away from those impervious areas.

During yesterday’s board meeting, Carr went over the latest information…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
Commissioners Gordon Lester and Rocky Libbey responded…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
Rod Anderson, the Reclamation District’s engineering technician, pointed out that the most recent maps are from 2006, so lots of irrigation customers may have questions if their property has changed since then…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
Anderson said the district is facing another issue involving the over- and under-assessment of property sizes by the federal Bureau of Reclamation…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
The next regular board meeting will be at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14.