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Reclamation District to seek attorney general's opinion 7/14/2010
When it came time to pay the bills at yesterday’s board meeting of the Lake Chelan Reclamation District, the board voted to temporarily withhold payment to a firm that recently investigated some employee grievances against management.

Commissioner Ken Rau was the only one to vote against the hotly debated action… "CLICK HERE" for Audio
The motion passed 3-1, with Chairman Gordon Lester explaining that he couldn’t vote on the issue, but if he had he would’ve voted against it.

Commissioner Bob Christopher said he wanted the district to withhold payment to Ogden Murphy Wallace while the state attorney general’s office reviews the contract and the report of findings… "CLICK HERE" for Audio
The board’s decision yesterday surrounds an issue that bubbled to the surface in an April public meeting, when six employees spoke to the board in an executive session about what they referred to as a “hostile work environment” and “double standards” practiced by Manager Kem Carr.

The board hired attorney Gil Sparks with the firm Ogden Murphy Wallace to look further into the allegations.

That resulted in a 73-page report, including interviews held with district employees and board members, and a list of 15 recommendations for the board.

Sparks presented his findings at a public meeting last month, and the entire report was released to the public upon request.

At yesterday’s meeting, Commissioner Arnold Baker and Christopher elaborated on the reasoning behind the motion to withhold the attorney’s payment…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
Rau said he felt the report’s recommendations were correct, and it’s time for the board to implement them and move on…"CLICK HERE" for Audio
Christopher and Commissioner Rocky Libbey said they felt the report dismissed the employees’ concerns, whereas Rau said he thought the report was fair.

Christopher then asked why the report mentioned water spreading as a concern relating to the board, and Lester said it was due to his own testimony… "CLICK HERE" for Audio
In the end, the board decided to review the report’s recommendations at next month’s regular meeting.

Tune in tomorrow morning for more details on the Teamsters becoming involved with the Reclamation District.

To view Gil Sparks' complete report, click the link below.Click to view File