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Reclamation District hears suggestions on conflict resolutions 6/11/2010
An attorney told the Lake Chelan Reclamation District that resolving its personnel issues will need some effort in several different areas – including at the board level.

Gil Sparks, who was hired to look into employee allegations against management, presented the findings of his investigation at last week's board meeting.

Sparks gave an initial summary of his report..."CLICK HERE" for Audio
He said the employees who brought a petition to the board back in April didn't follow the Reclamation District's guidelines, which states that grievances should be brought to the manager or the president of the board.

Sparks added that there are two potential conflicts of interest: that Commissioner Rocky Libbey's nephew works for the district, and Commissioner Arnold Baker, Manson's fire chief, knows a volunteer firefighter on staff.

He also discussed his perceptions of the board after interviewing each commissioner..."CLICK HERE" for Audio
Sparks gave a list of his recommendations..."CLICK HERE" for Audio
He added that the Reclamation District should pay for further training of the field supervisor.

The commissioners voted to review the entire report and discuss solutions at the next board meeting in July.

KOZI News obtained a copy of the complete report. Click the link below to view, or you can request your own copy from the Lake Chelan Reclamation District.